It's that time again when the Dolls open their house for some tender new meat. Lothian Derby Dolls are holding a taster session for new skaters who are interested in seeing what the sport can do for them, what they can achieve in the training programme and give you some experiences you won't forget. This intake session is not just limited to those who want to play on the track as roller derby skater. We are hoping any budding Non Skating Officials or Referees to come along and take part in our training programme. If you live in the Lothian area and want to give the taster session a go or know someone who does get in touch. Sunday 24th August at Musselburgh Leisure Centre from 1pm - 3pm. Please get in touch prior for more details and confirmation of your place for this taster session. A new skaters training programme will start shortly after at the start of September following the taster session.

Contact us at Or through our Facebook
Lothian Derby Dolls: Intake Aug 2014