With all the excitement at EuroClash, and some other interesting fixtures today, we're giving you a quick roundup of all the action that's happened so far....

Day 1 of EuroClash saw the following games played in Newcastle, England - * indicates an upset in terms of the lower-seeded team winning, ! indicates an exceptional performance, although the predicted team won:

TEAM 1TEAM 2RATIOWFTDA Pred(relative strength)SRDRank Pred
Tiger Bay Brawlers: 37055: Steel City Roller Derby6.73 (!)1.031.79
Newcastle Roller Girls: 149168: Birmingham Blitz Dames0.890.710.77
Dublin Roller Derby: 199222: Dock City Rollers0.90 (*)2.021.40
Birmingham Blitz Dames: 177106: Steel City Roller Derby1.702.081.69
Newcastle Roller Girls: 115161: Tiger Bay Brawlers0.711.450.73

The most striking deviation from prediction was the massive victory of Cardiff's Tiger Bay Brawlers over the US's Steel City Roller Derby in the first game of the tournament - smashing all predictions. Notably, both teams performed closer to expectations on their other games during the day.
The other upset of the day was an actual upset - and one of the more likely ones in the event, as Dock City Roller Derby narrowly toppled tournament favorites Dublin - breaking a long winning streak for the latter team, in the second period, after trailing by 40 points at the end of the first.

You can catch up with the equally exciting second day of EuroClash - including all of Auld Reekie Roller Girls, Central City Roller Derby and Middlesbrough Roller Derby's games - with the livestream, which will be linked from the EuroClash page, and WFTDA.tv.

Over in Spain, Brawlcelona sees Barcelona Roller Derby hosting Madrid, Münich and Prague for games, three of which happened today (we'll update the final score when we manage to acquire it):

Prague City Roller Derby:45401:Roller Derby Madrid0.110.30
Barcelona Roller Derby: 110153: Roller Derby Madrid0.720.80
Prague City Roller Derby: 39319: Münich Dynamite0.120.45

Note that Prague City are playing in this tournament with only a roster of 8, and played part of their second game, against Münich, with only 5! Considering this, their achieved scores are impressive indeed.

Sadly, there's no live stream for the Brawlcelona tournament as it continues tomorrow.

Finally, some updates from the Scottish Roller Derby fixtures:

Over in Glasgow, Glasgow Roller Derby hosted Dundee Roller Derby for a double-header, between both A and both B teams. The A team matchup has been something of a long-awaited contest.
SRDRank predicted a near draw for the B teams, and a 5:4 score ratio in Dundee's favour. As it happens, Dundee blew away expectations in both games, with a convincing victory away, especially for the travel team.

Maiden Grrders (Glasgow B) 170 : 207 Bonnie Colliders (Dundee B)
Irn Bruisers (Glasgow A) 144 : 373 Silvery Tayzers (Dundee A)

Down in London, ignoring any other international events happening in the area, Glasgow Men's Roller Derby played a pair of closed bouts against London's Southern Discomfort. SRDRank predicted a 10:1 victory for SoDisco A, and a 4:7 victory for SoDisco B, and the performance on the day met expectations.

Glasgow Men's Roller Derby 150 : 215 Mild Discomfort (Southern Discomfort B)
Glasgow Men's Roller Derby 46 : 504 Knights of Discomfort (Southern Discomfort A)