As we reported last year, Torneo Violentango, 2x4 Roller Derby's yearly tournament, has taken various forms over recent years. Starting as a smaller scale tournament, Violentango 4 (2016) was already a Latin America-wide event, with teams from Argentina, Brasil, Chile, Peru and Uruguay in two divisions. Violentango 5 (2017), which we reported on for the first time, was similarly large in scope, with only Uruguay missing, and more teams from the other regions. Violentango 6 is changing things up a little again - driven by the demands of WFTDA rankings, 2x4 Roller Derby's Team OSOM will be taking a pass from the tournament for the first time, as the event is remoulded into a "B/C" level tournament, with teams from Argentina and Uruguay attending the two divisions. We're especially happy to see Uruguay returning to the tournament, given the general lack of Uruguayan derby in the popular eye. Violentango_map_crop

In the B-tier, competing are:

The C-tier is a little larger, and also slightly more diverse in origin:

With just 6 teams in the B Tier, this will be organised as a 2 groups of 3, feeding into a 4 team single elimination from the top 2 teams in each group. (With unseeded teams, this is the second best possible arrangement to guarantee accurate final placements, and the best using a single elimination phase. It also guarantees a minimum of 3 games per team.)
B Tier: Group 1 B Tier: Group 2
2x4 B: Las Pibas Desalmadas Roller Derby
Alianza Rebelde Roller Derby MDQueens
Mandrágoras Roller Derby Wonderclan
B Tier Elimination Structure
Round 1 (Semifinal) Round 2 (Final)
Group 1 Winner Winner (1,2)
Group 2 Second
Group 1 Second Winner (3,4)
Group 2 Winner
Meanwhile, the 8-team C Tier will run as a standard 3 round single elimination, with consolation/repechage bouts for teams knocked out in round 1. (Guaranteeing either 2 or 3 games for each team.)
C Tier Tournament Structure
Round 1 Round 2 (Semifinal) Round 3 (Final)
Centellas RN  Winner (1,2)
Hienas de la Calle
Sarcásticats Roller Derby Winner (3,4)
Fawkes Roller Derby
Atomic Bombs Roller Derby  Winner (5,6)
Pájaros Pintados Roller Derby
2x4 C: Team C  Winner (7,8)
Morón Roller Derby
Consolation 1: Losers Game 1 v 3 Consolation 2: Losers Game 2 v 4
It's hard to make predictions for the tournament, due to the relative sparsity of data in Latin American derby, especially for teams which play infrequently, however, we expect a strong showing from the home teams, Las Pibas and Team C. With the limited bout data we have available, we expect strong showings from Mandrágoras and Desalmadas in particular in the B Tier. The C Tier is very hard to predict, with 4 teams having too little data in public records to predict (Hienas de la Calle, Atomic Bombs and Team C don't have recent enough public bout results, and Morón can only be rated with a small subset of the Argentinean teams). Of the teams we can try to rate, we expect a strong performance from the Sarcásticats, in particular (who we rate higher than some of the teams in the B Tier...).
Violentango 6 will run from 7 to 9 July 2018,  at Martín Fierro Oruro 1310, Buenos Aires, Argentina. Tickets available online here.