Two skaters who will be well known to you are Scald Eagle, Rose City Rollers' star Jammer and member of Team USA, and Lady Trample, founder of Chicks in Bowls, Victorian Roller Derby skater and member of Team New Zealand. They've done a few things, you could say. With this level of both fame and accomplishment, you can manage to make some impressive life-choices. In this case, Scald and Trample are sweeping across Europe on a grand tour, holding "WinTourope"* bootcamps each weekend wherever they will end up. Lady Trample told us, "Both Scald and I are ecstatic to hit Europe and spread our knowledge of roller derby and Ramp skating. We genuinely don't know who's more excited, the participants or us!" The bootcamps are Coed, and include a Derby component, with Scald Eagle, and a Ramps/Bowls/Skate tricks component, lead by Lady Trample, although the precise design varies by location. The current list of WinTourope locations is: Scotland: 7-8 Jan 2017 [Host: Glasgow Men's Roller Derby Tickets on sale 8pm 15 December  TODAY  Belgium: 15 Jan 2017 [Host: Namur Roller Girls] Tickets on sale 21st Dec, 8pm [Belgian time] ALMOST ALL TICKET TYPES SOLD OUT (7pm GMT) Poland: 21-22 Jan 2017 [Host: Worst Warsaw Derby Team & Chicks in Bowls Poland] Tickets sold out, but backup list available for dropouts (on event page) Netherlands: 28-29 Jan 2017 [Host: Rockcity Rollers] Tickets sold out within 2 hours of going on sale. France: 4-5 Feb 2017 [Host: Nantes Derby Girls] Tickets on sale 22nd December 8pm local time (7pm GMT)  SOLD OUT? [This date also features Brawn Swanson] England: 11-12 Feb 2017 [Host: Southern Co-Ed Roller Derby] Tickets sold out?). [This date also features Brawn Swanson] As you can see, there's essentially one a week every week from the start of January through to the middle of February. So, if you miss out on tickets to your closest bootcamp, there's still a chance you might get them elsewhere... and we plan to update this page with more information as we get it.   *because it's Winter, a Tour and in Europe. :)