An Interview with Skate House Edinburgh

Skate House EDinburgh encourages and celebrates the progression of roller sports in Scotland. We are creating a dedicated space to make roller skating accessible for all ages, abilities and backgrounds.
  1. Who are the people behind Skate House EDinburgh and what relationship do you have with each other?

  2. When and how was the idea of Skate House EDinburgh born, and what have you done so far to make this a reality? What support - or favours have you called in - to get the project off the ground?

  3. The concept of Skate House EDinburgh sounds fantastic, but the work involved must be challenging at times. Have you been faced with any struggles yet, and how have you overcome these?

  4. We all know you as skaters with Auld Reekie Roller Girls, but the SHED is about more than just roller derby. What other roller sports can you hope to attract to the venue, and how do you hope to see each sport develop with the assistance of the SHED?

  5. What about the venue itself - can you tell us where it will be located, or at least the look and feel that you are aiming for? I'm imaging a professional sporting venue with lots of different sporting equipment, but secretly hoping for a glitter ball as well!

  6. When can we expect the doors to the SHED open - and will there be a launch party?

  7. What are your long-term goals for the SHED and how do plan to achieve these goals?