The Blog

The Scottish Roller Derby blog was started back in the summer of 2011, and since then, has covered the sport across Scotland, the UK, and beyond. As well as a focus on promoting Scottish Roller Derby, with both the local teams and the two National Squads, we also like to promote the spread of Roller Derby worldwide; we do international interviews, support services (like multi-timezone tournament guides), statistical analysis and more.

The Admin Team-


aoanla is a physicist/systems support guy for the UK bit of the LHC experiment at CERN in real life, and therefore already had some experience in looking at high-speed collisions before getting into roller derby. He started out writing bout reports for the bouts he turned up to on his own blog [since inactive after moving here], and has also developed quite a lot of the statistical work that we write about. He's a contributor to the Flat Track Stats bout archive moderation effort, as well as to various other rating and organisation efforts. He is a member of the Roller Derby World Cup Committee 2017-. (He/him, They/Them)

The Author Team

Every bouting league in the country has the right to be represented on the Scottish Roller Derby blog by a skater, nso, or referee, and our author team also represent the worlds of Women's, Men's, All-Gender/Open To All, and Junior Roller Derby. Between them, they have decades of skating and organisational experience.