Roller Derby Christmas List

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It's coming to that time of the year again and what do you get the Rollergirl in your life for her Christmas? Well worry not,for here is a handy guide,arranged roughly by rising cost,but bear in mind some of these gifts will require said Rollergirl's co-operation.

Kicking off with cards,Zazzle do some great Derby related cards,anything from retro to funny and a lot in between.

As you know,Rollergirls come home with a lot of cuts and bruises,so how about some novelty plasters available in a wide range,including plasters that look like bacon!.If you look hard enough,you can find plasters from comics,tv franchises etc.

Socks are always handy,over the knee and thigh high socks especially,try somewhere like Sock Dreams.

Rollergirls love to accessorise,stickers,badges and even Derby jewellery,Etsy do some great stuff.

Skate tools,in all likelihood,your beloved Rollergirl already has one of these,unless she's just starting out in Derby, or you know she is looking for a replacement,this is probably one to avoid.Cheaper tools only cost a few pounds and run well into double figures for more expensive ones.

There is a massive choice when it comes to books and dvd's,put Whip It aside unless you know it's wanted as chances are she has already seen it.Some to recommend... Rollergirl-Totally-True-Tales-Track,Blood On The Flat Track,Hell On Wheels,Knock Down Knits Amazon is your friend for this sort of thing.

Toe Stops,this is one you need to consult on,as skaters have preferences for make and length,Gumball is a popular make amongst others

Mouth Guards are a very personal thing and this one will require co-operation from your Rollergirl,expect to pay well into double figures for a decent one.

Clothing varies wildly in cost and design and there's a lot out there,try Pivotstar or Dress Derby amongst many,many others. Big name league t-shirts are always an option,many UK and US leagues do mail order t-shirts,if ordering from abroad,check they do actually ship outside the country of origin as not all do.

I'm guessing many people reading this will have experienced the pain that is bearing removal,in my house this was traditionally accompanied by much shouting/swearing/objects being thrown.That was until the happy day my folks bought her a Powerdyne Bearings Puller.This makes removal and refitting of bearings a swear free operation of mere minutes.The Powerdyne one is pretty much midrange,you can pay less,or you can pay more for other makes.

A magazine subscription,choice is limited here,but there is the fine UK publication,Inside Line there is also the US orientated Five On Five and Blood And Thunder.

Gear Bags,some Rollergirls favour the hard shelled wheeled case that you can get from anywhere that sells luggage,you get extra points if you find one in team colours.Or you could go down the more custom made route with something like the Zuca Sports Bag.

Getting into more expensive territory,there are also things like safety pads,helmets,bearings,wheels and even skates,but all these as gift ideas, require co-operation from your Rollergirl.She will already have preferences for these kinds of things,but also in all probability will have a wishlist too.Wheels,custom helmets and skates in particular can get really expensive and few skaters manage to skate in the gear they would have if money was no object,so a gift of a really good set of wheels or pair of skates will go down exceptionally well.

Remember to leave plenty of time for postage if you are ordering from the USA or anywhere else abroad and that items like badges and Derby jewellery can often be found at stalls at bouts,cut out the middle man and support local Derby business by buying direct wherever you can.