Team France-Roller Derby World Cup 2011

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Team France logo designed by Dixie Pixie,used with permission.

Roller Derby is a relatively new sport in France,both the Paris Roller Girls and Roller Derby Toulouse were formed in early 2010,but already there are dozens more leagues,as Bravehurt,assistant coach to Team France explains,"most of them are too small yet to be considered full on "leagues" with multiple teams, but the teams are growing and multiplying rapidly.Derby is definitely catching on in a big way here!" The French leagues involved in sending players to the World Cup already have quite a bit of experience when you consider the length of time they have been operating,having played bouts against the likes of Crime City Rollers and Stuttgart Valley Roller Girlz,plus the Paris Roller Girls were accepted into the WFTDA Apprentice Program in October 2010,a mere eight months after they were formed.

The Team France final roster is.. Bambu Sengoku,Bestia Loca,Cash Pitashe,Chakk Attack and Maggie Yo Teen-Roller Derby Toulouse Belle Zebuth,Karla Karcher and Emi Wild-Les Petites Morts De Bordeaux Bone E Vicious,Bloody Vuitton,Butch Shan,Cherry Lielie,Katy Fury,Kosmic Bruise,Joan Jet 27,Meryl Strip-Her,Truck Off Pooky and Whisky Mama-Paris Roller Girls Dual Hitizen-DC Rollergirls Frenchy Pants-Montreal Roller Derby

It's also worth mentioning that one of the squad's alternates,Router Girl,skates for Pioneer Valley Roller Derby in Massachussetts. The head coach is Amelia Scareheart From Paris Roller Girls and the assistant coaches are Bravehurt and Slash Gordon from Roller Derby Toulouse with Dixie Pixie From Paris Roller Girls.

Team France will be holding several weekend training sessions for the entire squad in the run up to the World Cup,with assignments for the skaters to complete inbetween each session.Additionally some of the leagues involved are close enough together to enable portions of the team to train and practice together regularly.The team have not bouted together as yet,although a fundraising demonstration scrimmage is planned in Bordeaux in October. Without doubt,their skaters from US and Canadian leagues will be able to pass on a wealth of experience,together with the intense training schedule and the fact that by the time the World Cup comes around,they will be well used to skating as a team means France cannot be taken lightly.They may not be up to the standards of the US and Canadian squads...yet,but they pose a serious threat to teams like Scotland and Ireland.It would be a mistake to write off Team France.