Team New Zealand-Roller Derby World Cup 2011

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Image courtesy of Team New Zealand

Roller Derby has been around quite a while in New Zealand, The Pirate City Rollers are the countries oldest league,founded back in 2006,they are quite possibly the oldest league in the world,outside of the USA and have recently been accepted onto the WFTDA Apprentice Program.The Pirate City girls are no strangers to international competition,they were the only NZ team to play at the Great Southern Slam,the first Asia/Pacific region Roller Derby tournament in 2010.As you can see from the team roster,close to half the squad is drawn from from Pirate City.

Team Roster Pieces of Hate (Pirate City Rollers) – Player/Coach Fia Fasi Oe? (Pirate City Rollers) – Player/Assistant Coach Hurricane Hori (Pirate City Rollers via Dead End Derby) Team NZ Captain Terror Satana (Pirate City Rollers) Perky Nah Nah (Pirate City Rollers via Wellington) Bad Jelly the Bitch (Pirate City Rollers) Skate the Muss (Pirate City Rollers) Pentakill (Pirate City Rollers) Big Mack (Pirate City Rollers) Axl-Slash-R (Northland Nightmares) Solid Sarge (Northland Nightmares) Poison Pixie (Mount Militia Derby Crew) Miss Metal Militia (Hellmilton Roller Ghouls) Poison Petal (Hellmilton Roller Ghouls) Evil K’Neevil (Dead End Derby) Black Panther (Dead End Derby) Lawless Mess (Dead End Derby) Miss Chevus Mynx (Dead End Derby) Tuff Bikkies (Richter City Roller Derby)

Elle Qaeda (Pirate City Rollers) – Manager

Team New Zealand have played a Probables Vs Possibles bout as a warm up,much like Team Scotland Vs Team 'Steve' and also held a fundraising Skate-A-Thon in an effort to fund their trip to Toronto. Given that there are national and international competitions in and around New Zealand,we can expect their skaters to be unfazed with a world stage,alongside Australia,they are something of an unknown on this side of the world,which is doubtless something they will wish to correct. New Zealand is a team to watch out for,they could well provide an upset or two in the World Cup and will be excellent opponents for Team Scotland's first bout of the competition.