Time Running Out for Bootcamps and Auctions!

Posted: by aoanla [Source]
Tags:  fundraising events roller derby bootcamps

Two exciting things happening today, which you might just be in time to catch if you were previously unaware of them...

Firstly: London Rollergirls' London Brawling are holding a Bootcamp in Edinburgh, hosted by Auld Reekie Roller Girls. The tickets went onsale at midday today, and the Intermediate session has entirely sold out already. However, if you're New WFTDA Mins passed, you can still book onto the Advanced session, where there are a small number of places free.

https://www.facebook.com/events/571365989561526/ is the link for the event.



Secondly, in order to give people enough time to bid, Glasgow Roller Derby have extended the deadline on their fundraising Auction for ECDX by a whole week. It looks like the counters for time available haven't been fixed at the time of writing, but I am informed that there is really a week left, not less than 4 hours!

This could be your chance to get tickets to the Sealife Centre, rock CDs, gardening work, or even a custom doll made in your image, for a bargain price, and also help one of our two history-making Scottish leagues get to Philadelphia in late June!