Sur5ors: A Week On

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Saturday 18th October saw 12 teams from around the UK come together to sur5.

Alison Renton's event 'sur5ors' was a massive success just as her previous charity driven derby events have been. This event was for the Benefit of both Glendrick Roost Animal Welfare Centre and St Andrew's First Aid.

When the day started, and set up and formalities concluded, the audience was let in and the real buzz started. With the 12 teams lacing up their skates and slipping on pads anticipation was in the air. As the first whistle blew for the first heat and teams started clashing it was clear there was a vast spectrum of skating talent on show. From ARRG and GRD dominating the skating down to NTRG and VRD representing the newer leagues everyone displayed their talent with gusto.

The day went on with jam after jam holding the audience on the edges of their seats. Where some jams saw some teams dominate where others brought the audience to uproars as they saw teams comeback from the brink of losing only to climb up the rankings ladder of the tournament. Each team was nothing but lovely to one another before and after they faced each other. Generally the atmosphere between skaters was extremely friendly with the teams mingling between heats and chatting on the benches between jams.

Nearing the end of the tournament excitement was running at its peak with the last few jams of the day tearing up some parts of the rankings and seeing some of the newer teams come to equal blows with some of the harder skating teams.In the end the results came in and each team was put on the rankings board in the positions they had proudly earned throughout the day.

For us over at NTRG the day was everything we wanted it to be. Having our girls win two jams and finish 11th was a massive boost for us. Not to mention how encouraging our cheering section in the crowd was! It gave us some perspective of where we stand in the wider derby community and it's an event that we'll cherish as a building block to our success.

As the skaters provided entertainment on track the day was held up by the vast scores of NSOs, referees and tournament crew who tirelessly worked away to keep the event running smoothly. Without them the day would have not been the success it was and the skaters who took part felt their benefit immensely.

Results are as followed: