A run down on the Scottish Men's Roller Derby League/Scottish Men's Roller Derby (SMRD) Nationals

Some of you may have noticed during the same weekend of the Womens Roller Derby World Cup, a page went up on Facebook for the Scottish Men's Roller Derby League now named then Scottish Men's Roller Derby (SMRD) Nationals. At first many thought it was a new men’s league in Scotland, but it is something much more exciting for the Men’s leagues and derby in Scotland. Due to the confusion of it being a league, they have since changed their name to the Scottish Men's Roller Derby (SMRD) Nationals.

As you will know In 2015 we will see some of the women's leagues in Scotland taking part in the British Championships which will pull together leagues fom all over the UK playing against each other in regional/level based groups. In essence this is what the the SMRDN is about, but on a smaller scale. Bringing together all the Scottish mens leagues (Bairn City Rollers, Capital City, Granite City Brawlermen and Mean City) to play each other over the course of the year, tracking scores and wins and providing a winner with the most points at the end of the year. For the first season (2015) there will only be three leagues competing (Bairn City Rollers, Capital City and Mean City) with Granite City Brawlermen working hard to put together a team for 2016.

1549327_613471468758290_2453333471572179977_n All the Scottish Men's Derby Leagues

For well over a year now, all four of the men's leagues in Scotland have been in discussion about putting together the SMRDN. As they knew that they would all be playing each other regularly and were looking for a way in which to make it more interesting for spectators and fans of the leagues.  With this in mind they knew that crowning a league the champion of Scottish Men’s roller derby for a year could help to promote the bouts and give everyone something to follow.

How it will work:

  • The 2015 Season will see three teams play each other once during the year
  • 2 points will be awarded for each game won and 0 for a loss
  • Points Scored (PS), Points Against (PA) and Points Difference (PD) will be tracked over the year
  • Each league will host 1 home game
  • Games will be played to latest MRDA ruleset
  • Teams must not field "guest" skaters, all skater must be a full member of their respective league
  • The season table will be updated on SMRDN facebook page for all to track see after each game
  • The Team with the most points at the end of the year will win that season
However, if at the end of the season there is a draw of points between teams, then PD will be compared. If the PD is also a draw, the team with the  highest PS will be chosen as the winner of the season.

They have also announced the first game of the 2015 Season and the first game ever of the SMRDN which will see Bairn City Roller host Capital City on the 28th of February at Grangemouth Sport Complex in whats is bound to be a great bot to start this exciting new championship between all the Scottish Men’s Derby Leagues.