VegFest Scotland meets Derby!

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This December, the VegFest vegan festival series will come to Scotland for the first time, and Glasgow Roller Derby will be there to tell them all about Roller Derby.

VegFest started out 12 years ago as a Bristol based festival, but has grown over the years, with a year-round calendar of Vegan events spreading to Brighton and London. 2015 is the first year that the event has made it all the way up north to Glasgow, however, where it will cap a week long "The Only Way is Ethics" festival on ethical issues in general.

Roller Derby has always been pretty vegan and vegetarian friendly, so it's no surprise that GRD are getting involved with outreach in these events, especially as more than 40% of the Irn Bruisers roster is vegan! Their presentation will cover not only what roller derby is, for the non-derby audience, but also how one can maintain a vegan diet whilst training for a WFTDA Division 1 team.

We're planning on interviewing Glasgow's Sarah McMillan, Mona Rampage and Haberbashery on their experience of VegFest, but we encourage you to go along and experience it (and their presentation) for yourselves!

VegFest Scotland will be hosted in the SECC on the weekend of the 5th and 6th of December. GRD's presentation is scheduled for 4pm on Saturday the 5th.