Cubs Take On New Opposition

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In September, Fierce Valley Roller Cubs celebrated their third birthday, and on Sunday October 9th, they will play their first game against other junior skaters. This mixed junior game will take place as part of a triple header hosted by Barnsley Black Heart Rollers and will feature skaters from Sheffield Steel Junior Rollers and Newcastle Junior Roller Derby League.


The Cubs will be sending thirteen level 3 and advanced skaters to take part, some of whom will be playing in public for the first time, while others are veterans of several intraleagues. Needless to say, the level of excitement is high and the bus journey to Barnsley at 6.30am on Sunday promises to be a lively one!

The last word (as always), goes to the Cubs:

“It’s great to finally play against people that aren't in our own team. As good as it is to have bouts amongst our own team this bout against a different team gives a chance to see how well we are progressing. I'm really excited for the road trip and can't wait to get out on track” – Vanilla Crush. “I am really happy and excited that we are getting to meet another junior team and play against them” – Lu Dog Millionaire. “It’s not often that I see 6.30am at the weekend, the long journey will be worth it though, are we there yet?” – Purple Punisher. “I am super chuffed to be captaining our first away game, it will be an eye opener for all involved I am sure” – Stunami.

The Facebook event page can be found here.  Further information about Fierce Valley Roller Cubs is available here.