November 5,6th non-USA Derby Roundup

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It's another weekend, and while there's apparently something happening in the USA, there's still tons of roller derby going on elsewhere. As always, for most events here, we're using the FlatTrackStats database, so if you want to be featured, please add yourselves. We also use our own November release of SRD Rank, our own ranking scheme.

[Thanks this time, especially, to (deep breath):

Demolitia Derby Queens, Heart of Appalachia, Cornfed Derby Dames, Dark River Derby Coalition, Cen-Tex Rollergirls, Big Easy Rollergirls, LeHigh Valley Rollergirls, Neo Roller Derby, Cape Fear Roller Girls, Hammer City Roller Girls, Sintral Florida Derby Demons, Grand Raggidy Roller Girls, Piedmont Riot, Hellions of Troy, Black Hills Wildfire Roller Derby, West Coast Derby Knockouts and Peterborough Area Roller Derby, who have all responded to requests for missing bout data in Flat Track Stats as well. Please let us know if we can help you to get missing bout data into FTS, and we will do our best.]


Starting out in Scotland, there's two things going on:

  • In Edinburgh, Auld Reekie Roller Girls B are hosting the rising Granite City Roller Derby. We've previously written on this here. [FTS link]
  • In Dundee, the annual home teams tournament is running. We've written about this here. (There's no FTS link as FTS does not track these home teams.)


In the wider UK, there's also plenty of Roller Derby going on:
  • In Croydon, there's a double header, as Croydon A take on Dublin Roller Derby B, [FTS link] and Croydon B take on Dublin C! [FTS link] (FTS expects the hosts to win the A game, but Dublin C to win against Croydon B. SRD Rank thinks that Dublin might get a clean sweep.)
  • Rainy City Roller Derby continue their busy year, hosting a double header, featuring Wirral Roller Derby A v Rainy B, and Wirral B v Rainy C! [FTS links 1, 2] (SRD Rank gives Rainy B the win on the first bout, and Wirral B the win on the second.)
  • On Sunday, Deathrow Hull are hosting Sunderland Roller Derby for the latter's 2nd ever public bout! [FTS link] (with just one bout to go on, FTS thinks that Sunderland might be the likely winners - SRD Rank opines oppositely.)
  • And, finally, Severn Roller Torrent are hosting Nottingham Roller Girls.[FTS link] (FTS expects a closeish game, with the hosts winning, SRD Rank agrees.)


  • As we've written about here, while Dublin B and C are off in Croydon, Dublin Roller Derby A is hosting Glasgow Roller Derby in Ireland! [FTS link] (The hosts are likely to win this, from FTS and SRD Rank.)
  • Up in Sweden, Norrköping Roller Derby are hosting a double header, with Norrköping B taking on Uppsala [FTS link] on only their second game and the A team playing  the mighty Kallio B [FTS link] (FTS and SRD Rank both consider Kallio B to be terrifying, and likely to take a win against the hosts; with only one bout to go on, the B game is harder to predict, and SRD Rank cannot rank the B team as they're not connected to the main group.)
  • Nantes Derby Girls are hosting their own triple header tournament, hosting Gent Go-Gos and Dirty River Roller Girls (of Turku, Finland). [FTS links: 1, 2, 3] (FTS considers the hosts to be the most likely winners here, and SRD Rank agrees)
  • Also in France, the 2016-17 French Championships continue, with Lille Roller Girls hosting a 2 day tournament also featuring Miaous' Roller Derby Panthers, Creil's Knock'n'Roll Cannibals, Calaisis' Black Tagada, Pigalle's Les Gueuses de Pigalle and Switchblade RollerGrrrls (of Lille) [FTS tournament page] (The Switchblades are overwhelmingly the favourites here, with Miaous's Panthers following slightly behind.)
  • Over in Tenerife, Tenerife Roller Derby are hosting their own triple header, hosting Paris Roller Girls B and Royal Windsor B! [FTS links 1, 2, 3] ! (FTS considers Tenerife and Paris B to be near identical in strength, taking into account home team advantage. It believes that Royal Windsor is much lower strength. SRD Rank agrees, but thinks that Paris is likely to win overall.)
  • In Stuttgart, the Bundesliga 2016 continues as they host St. Pauli (of Hamburg). [FTS link] (FTS predicts a close game, with a slight edge to the visitors. SRD Rank agrees.)
  • also in Germany, the Baloney Ponies of Kaiserslautern are hosting the Sisters of Mayhem [FTS link]  (FTS cannot rank these teams, and thus cannot predict this. This is unsurprising, as they're essentially exhibition teams.)
  • and in Vienna, Vienna B are hosting Gothenburg Roller Derby Badass Beavers [FTS link] (FTS rates the hosts as the likely winners here, as does SRD Rank.)

Late Additions

  • Also in Ireland, Cork City Firebirds are hosting the East Coast Cyclones (of Wicklow). Thanks to the work of the FTS Admins this is now on FTS (FTS Link), where they call it as a very close win for the visitors.. SRD Rank can't call this, as there aren't enough recent connected bouts on record for Cork.