November 12,13th - NonUS Derby Roundup

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And we're back for another weekly roundup of everything happening outside the continental USA, as determined by Flat Track Stats entries.

In the aftermath of the big WFTDA tournament, this week we still have the many equally important national tournaments going on, as well as another international tournament of experience now.

In all cases, we also try to predict the winners, using both Flat Track Stats' Elo ratings, and our own SRD Rank rating system.


  • The only event in Scotland is Glasgow Roller Derby's Home Teams Final, where the Bad Omens take on the T Wrecks. (This is not tracked by Flat Track Stats.)
  • Certainly the biggest thing in the UK this weekend is the 2016 iteration of the Men's European Cup, hosted, as always, by Newcastle Upon Tyne's Tyne and Fear Roller Derby. This year, the competitors are: Gothenburg Salty Seamen (Sweden), Manekken Beasts (Belgium), the hosts Tyne and Fear (England), South Wales Silures (Wales), Panam Squad (France), Southern Discomfort (England), Tampere Rollin' Bros (Finland), De Ronnys (Germany), Mad Riders (Spain) and Lincolnshire Rolling Thunder (England). (FTS tournament page) [As the only MRDA Champs attendees in the group, Southern Discomfort are rated the highest by SRD Rank and FTS. The rest of the field is a bit closer, with the Silures, Tyne & Fear and Rolling Thunder all pretty close at the top.]
  • Wiltshire Roller Derby are hosting Hereford Roller Derby [FTS link], in a double header topped by a Men's mixed exhibition bout. [SRD Rank favours the hosts here, whilst FTS disagrees and favours the visitors]
  • Brighton Rockers Roller Derby are hosting an international, as Eindhoven, Netherlands' RockCity Rollers come over to play [FTS link] (this is a double header with a rookies bout featuring the new Brighton Rockerbillies v a mix of Basingstoke and Southampton) [FTS and SRD Rank similarly disagree here, with our ranking favouring, narrowly, the visitors]
  • Swansea City Roller Derby are also hosting a double header, as Swansea A take on Royal Windsor Roller Derby [FTS link], and Swansea B challenge Riot City Ravens (of Newport).[FTS link] [SRD Rank and FTS agree that Riot City are likely to win in the B bout, but slightly on the A bout, both favouring the hosts, but SRD considering it a close thing]
  • Plus, Liverpool Roller Birds are hosting a "mini-tournament" of 40-minute games, against Spa Town Roller Girls, North Wales Roller Derby B and Sheffield Steel's Crucibelles [Not on FTS, due to the unusual format]
  • Over in mainland Europe, the French Championships are continuing to roll on. [FTS tournament link] as Roller Derby Tarbes hosts a two-day event also featuring Pibrac, Toulouse, Castres, La Rochelle and Bordeaux' SAM. [We think Toulouse is notably strong here.]
  • And in Germany, the Bundesliga also continues, as Berlin's Bear City take on Ruhrpott [FTS tournament link] in a whole day event with attached bootcamp. [We're happy to call this for Bear City, assuming their composition is similar enough to "Berlin Bombshells"]
  • And in Finland, the southern-Finnish Suomi Cup is ongoing, with hosts Kouvola taking on Oulu, and Tampere facing Turku's Dirty River [FTS tournament link] [We narrowly favour Dirty River and Kouvola, but it looks close. FTS essentially calls a tie for Tampere/Turku, and disagrees on the direction of the close bout with the hosts.]
  • Amsterdam Roller Derby are hosting a double header on Sunday, as they host Namur Roller Girls , with A v A[FTS link], and B v B [FTS link] bouts. [SRD Rank gives the win to the hosts A and B (with the latter predicted to be v close). FTS differs on the latter bout, calling it for the visitors.]
  • Leipzig Roller Derby are also hosting  a double header, first taking on Munich B (the Municorns) [FTS link], and then hosting an exhibition bout against Vagine Regime filling out the schedule. [FTS cannot predict this bout, and neither can SRD Rank as Leipzig are not part of the connected group.]
  • Malmö's Crime City Rollers are going one better, and hosting a triple header, as the hosts' B team take on Roller Derby Madrid [FTS link], the C team take on Aarhus [FTS link], and visitors Gothenburg also take on Madrid while they're there [FTS link] [We give the likely win to the hosts over Madrid, but think that Aarhus have a good chance of winning against the C team. FTS agrees with these, but we differ over the winner of Gothenburg and Madrid.]
  • in some single bouts, Vienna Roller Derby are hosting Luleå Roller Derby [FTS link] [This is a point of disagreement for SRD Rank and FTS, with SRD favouring the visitors]
  • and in Switzerland, Zurich Roller Derby are hosting Stuttgart Valley B [FTS link] [FTS and SRD Rank concur that Zurich are very strong here.]
Latin America
  • Over in Latin America, we have a single fixture on record, as Buenos Aires' Dirty Fucking Dolls host Buenos Aires Roller Derby C (the Cougar Rollers) [FTS link], and their B (or C?) team (the Rotten Vicious Dolls) take on Fawkes Roller Derby [FTS link] , and the event is closed with a coed/open exhibition bout. There's little historical data on Fawkes Roller Derby , or the Cougar Rollers in FTS at the moment (we're working on fixing this), so we can't predict these bouts at this time.