nonUSA/Canada Bouts: 3/4 December Edition

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While we've entered the last month of the year, there's still clamour for Derby in Europe and Latin America, with lots of bouts to cover this weekend.

As always, we get most of our bout information from Flat Track Stats, and our predictions from FTS or our own SRD Rank rating system (especially in cases where FTS is unable to predict).


  • There's only one Scottish event we're aware of, which is not on Flat Track Stats due to being a Charity event. Glasgow Roller Derby will be hosting this exhibition event to raise funds for several charities, and we have more about it here.


  • In Leicester, Roller Derby Leicester are holding a closed bout against Bath Spartans, due to limited venue space [FTS]. (SRD Rank and FTS disagree on this bout, as it should be close, and the winner is not obvious.)
  • Down in Brighton, the Brighton Rockers are hosting an international double header, with Brighton A taking on Milan's Harpies [FTS], and Brighton B facing Eastbourne [FTS].(SRD Rank and FTS agree that the hosts have the advantage for the A bout, but disagree on the likely winner of the second)
  • In Halifax, the Bruising Banditas are hosting a festive double header, with their A team playing Hallam's Hellcats, followed by a Christmas-themed Cherry popper bout. [FTS] (FTS calls the headliner as exceptionally close, SRD thinks it will be less so, and a likely host win.)
  • And, on Sunday, Lincolnshire Bombers are hosting their own double header, with Lincolnshire A facing Hull's Angels [FTS] and Lincolnshire B against the Grim Reavers of Grimsby [FTS] (FTS is confident in a double victory for the hosts, SRD Rank can't call the second, but disagrees on the first, putting H.A.R.D as the likely winners.)
  • Also on Sunday, and not on FTS because it's a Charity scrim, is York Minxters' traditional Seasons Beatings event (signups are open for this).


  • As has become a fixture of this update, the 2016/7 French Nationale continues to roll on this weekend, with Roller Derby Metz Club hosting this weekend's Division 1 bouts for Paris Rollergirls B (Les Quedalles), Marseilles, Lyon, Strasbourg's Hell's Ass Derby Girls, and Grenoble's Club 38. [FTS tournament page]
  • Also French Men's derby also has something to look forward to, as Belgium, Mon's Mons'Ter Munch host the Panam Squad [FTS] (FTS and SRD think that the visitors have the advantage.)
  • Over the border in Belgium, Liège's Holy Wheels Menace are hosting Lille's Glorious Bâtardes [FTS] as part of a double header with a rookie scrim event. (FTS and SRD Rank both expect a win for the hosts, but a fairly close bout overall.)
  • Dublin Roller Derby are still continuing to feature weekly in these roundups, this time with a big event, as Dublin C take on Cork City [FTS], followed by a Sur5al extravaganza! (FTS is confident in a strong win for the hosts.)
  • Copenhagen Roller Derby are hosting Darmstadt's Riot Rollers, who will be facing the hosts' B team [FTS]. (FTS thinks the visitors have a good chance of taking this, SRD Rank avers and feels that it will be pretty close.)
  • In Luzern, Switzerland, the Hellveticats are hosting Rimini Roller Derby's Stray Beez [FTS]  (FTS and SRD Rank think the hosts have the advantage here.)
  • Also in Switzerland, Lausanne's Rolling Furies are hosting Bern's Bonebreakers [FTS] in a Sunday bout. (FTS gives this to the hosts, SRD Rank will not call it due to lack of connectivity.)
  • In Finland, Oulu Roller Derby are hosting a double header to celebrate their 5th birthday, with Oulu A taking on Luleå Roller Derby (also the first team they ever played) [FTS], and Oulu B facing Wasa Roller Derby [FTS]. (FTS and SRD Rank agree that the A bout will be a close thing, with a slight advantage to the visitors, whilst the hosts have a significant advantage in the B bout.)
  • In Norrköping, Sweden, there's a triple header being hosted! Norrköping A will face off against Bristol Roller Derby B [FTS], and the hosts' B team against Linköping's new team[FTS], with the final bout being a coed bout between the hosts' men's team K.A.O.S and Bristol's own coed team. [FTS]. (We can only call one of these bouts, as Linköping are new, and there's little info on Bristol Coed. For the hosts v Bristol B, FTS and SRD Rank give the advantage to the hosts, by some way.)
  • Also in Sweden, and not on FTS because it's not competitive, Crime City Rollers are hosting a child-friendly exhibition event.

Latin America

  • And, not exhausted after their massive tournament last weekend, Argentina still hosts more Roller Derby this Sunday, with Pergamino's Las Motherfuckers hosting N.E.R.D (No Excuses Roller Derby) [FTS] (There's no event page on Facebook for this, that we can see). (FTS is unable to rate this matchup, whilst SRD Rank is prepared to call it for the visitors with some confidence.)

Late Additions

  • North Wales Roller Derby/Sons of Icarus are hosting a double header on Sunday (which wasn't in FTS, so we missed it first time around -we've added these to FTS now). North Wales B, the ZomBs are facing Manchester Roller Derby's Furies [FTS], and their comrades in men's team Sons of Icarus are facing Manchester's Chaos Engine [FTS]. (Neither we nor FTS can call the men's bout, but we favor the hosts in the women's game.)
  • Southern Discomfort have a "Night versus Day" exhibition bout, plus scrimmage and Festive events on Saturday as well. (Not on FTS, because exhibition bouts.)
  • Similarly, Wirral Roller Derby are hosting a triple-header scrimmage, with men's, women's and rookie events, raising funds for Mind.
  • And in Oldham, Rainy City are taking on Vagine Regime UK, twice, as the All-Stars take on Vagine Regime A, and the Tender Hooligans face the B team. (FTS does not track exhibition teams frequently, so we missed this)