2017: the year of (more) Scottish Derby?

As we previously flagged, while the number of Scottish Leagues had been growing recently, the conversion of those leagues into bouting leagues had been a little slower... until 2017.

Most prominently, Perth's Fair City Rollers (who are effectively a new league after their hiatus led to a large changeover of members) and Scotland's second-northernmost league, Helgin Roller Derby, will be joining forces to take their first bout together.


On April 16th, in Perth's Bells' Sport Centre (famous for its domed roof and exceptionally shiny floor surface), the event, going by the name "Pack from the Dead", will kick off as doors open at 1pm for a 1.30pm start.

Speaking to us, Fair City said:

We’re excited to announce FCR’s comeback bout will take place in Perth on Sunday 16th April. After having a break of almost 5 years from competing, we’re back! We’ve created a brand new team of dedicated players, who’ve worked their butts off to get bout ready. FCR will be playing against Elgin’s team ‘Helgin’ at Bells Sports Centre and we want to welcome them to Perth for what will be a fantastic game. We’ve trained hard and played friendly matches against some fantastic teams, all with the aim of getting us bout ready…and now we want to shout out ‘bring it on’! 'Pack From The Dead' was the perfect name; FCR have been resurrected. Everyone is welcome, under 12s are free, please get your tickets now. Looking forward to seeing you all there.

Helgin Roller Derby are equally excited, with their Mane-iac telling us: "I'm very proud of how far Helgin has come as a club over the last two and a half years. We've come a long way from our very first days as a group of 4 girls attempting to skate in a small hall, to having a team of mins-passed skaters and preparing to play in our first game. Just thinking about playing in this game gives me butterflies, it's such an achievement for the club, and an exciting and momentous day for all the skaters. I can't wait to put on my Helgin uniform, skate on track as a team and show everyone what Helgin's made of!"

Fellow skater Bruteyvicious agrees, "It's a pretty momentous occasion. It was just a fantasy for us a year ago, but we moved steadily and grew together until we reached this point. We've played in many scrims between us but actually playing as a team together is really going to feel special! This is why I joined Derby, to play alongside my team in a sport I love. We will give 100% and will continue to do so and strive to keep playing and improving. I'm confident we can hold our own in our first bout. I can only imagine the adrenaline I'll feel on the day, I really can't wait."

But it's not just Helgin and Fair City who are planning to hold their first bouts this year. Inverness City Roller Derby are also planning to bout before 2017 is out, with a date scheduled for 19th August. Whilst we know ICRD will be hosting the bout, almost everything else (including their opponent) is not public at this time - as soon as there is an official announcement to be made, we will be highlighting it.

At the other end of the country, Doonhame Roller Derby, of Dumfries, are also planning their first public bout, although even less details are available than for ICRD. We hope to bring you details in the second half of the year!