Non-US/Canadian Derby Roundup: 18/19th March Edition

As is traditional, we’re bringing you another roundup of the upcoming Roller Derby this weekend from across the world. As always, we’re using Flat Track Stats for much of this information – for regions with less good coverage, we also do a bit of intensive searching.

Predictions of bouts are from FTS, if possible, and from our own SRD Rank where FTS cannot make predictions (for example: Latin America, or non-MRDA men’s bouts). Our new SRD Rank is out – the first for this year, and now includes Junior leagues where possible, and a lot more Latin American leagues.

If we’ve missed you from our roundup, please let us know!


As far as we know, there's no derby in Scotland this weekend.


As will be the case for the next few months, much of the bouts in the UK are part of British Champs:

  • In Bristol, the Men's Tier-2 continues with hosts Bristol Vice Quads taking on Barrow Infernos, and hosting Wirral Men's against Mild Discomfort. [FTS Tournament][EVENT]
  • In Devon, the Tier-3 South continues, as hosts North Devon play Riot City Ravens (Newport), and host Cornwall versus Bath [FTS Tournament][EVENT]

Outside of Champs:

  • In Leicester, Roller Derby Leicester B are hosting Barnsley [FTS][Closed] (FTS favours the home team)
  • And nearby, in Leicestershire still, the Dolly Rockits are hosting a double header, playing Hulls Angels [FTS] and hosting a Men's mixed rookie bout [EVENT] (FTS favours Hull)
  • Finally, following up on their bout last weekend, Manchester's Rainy City are hosting a bout for their C team against Borderland Brawlers (of Stamford and Peterborough) [FTS][EVENT] (FTS calls this close, but for the home team)
  • LATE ADDITION: SciFight III, the 8-way Coed tournament happens at Shrewsbury on Saturday, along with a bootcamp featuring iLLBilly, Swede Hurt and Re-AnimateHer [EVENTEVENT]


In Europe, there’s a surprising lack of National Tournaments this coming weekend, but plenty of derby regardless:

  • On Saturday, Lyon Roller Derby Association (LARD) are hosting a double header, with LARD A against Dijon's Velvet Owls [FTS] and LARD B facing Marseille B [FTS][EVENT] (FTS favours the visitors)
  • there's a lot of Sunday bouts in France, starting with a triple header in Rennes, as Roller Derby Rennes play Lutece A [FTS], Rennes B take on Lutece B [FTS], and Men's Roller Derby Rennes play Panam B [FTS]. [EVENT] ( SRDRank favours the home team for the Men's (FTS can't predict that). For the women, FTS favours the visitors in the A game, and calls the B game as very close.)
  • In La Roche sur Yon, Les Passeuses Dames are hosting a double header, playing Tours[FTS] led by a mixed black v white bout.[EVENT] (FTS favours the visitors)
  • In Castres, there's another double header as hosts Castres take on Montpellier's DCCLM B [FTS] and Perpignan's Coccyx Lewis play Tarbes' Full Metal Punkettes [FTS] [EVENT] (FTS favours Tarbes, and won't predict the other bout. SRDRank predicts the visitors to win there.)
  • and finally for France, in Nîmes, yet another double header sees Nimes A play Barcelona B [FTS], followed by Montpellier's Men's team, the Kamiquads, facing Barcelona Men's, the Rocknrollaz [FTS] [EVENT] (FTS favours the vistors for women, and can't predict the other. SRDRank predicts the men's bout to be v close, in favour of the hosts.)
  • Back to Saturday for the rest of Europe, and starting from the south: In Madrid, Roller Derby Madrid are hosting a triple round-robin against Oslo and Tenerife [FTS 1,2,3][EVENT] (FTS expects a close vying of Madrid and Oslo for the top spot.)
  • In Torino, the Bloody Wheels are hosting Palermo's Poison Kittens [FTS][EVENT] (FTS calls this for the hosts)
  • In Zürich, Zürich City Rollergirlz are hosting Strasbourg's Hell's Ass Derby Girls [FTS][EVENT] (FTS calls this for the hosts)
  • At The Hague, Netherlands, the Parliament of Pain host a double header, with their A team playing Namur B [FTS], and B team taking on Pink Peril of Heerlen [FTS] [EVENT] (FTS favours the hosts A, but calls the B bout as v close and for the visitors)
  • In Frankfurt, Bembel Town Rollergirls are hosting a double header, with Bembel Town taking on Roller Girls of the Apocalypse (Kaiserslautern)[FTS], and Sisters of Mayhem facing a mixed team. [EVENT] (FTS calls for the visitors)
  • In Kassel, Germany; Kassel Roller Derby are hosting Regensburg's Rolling Rat Pack[FTS][EVENT] (FTS feels the hosts have the advantage here)
  • Up in Norway, Nidaros have a double header, with Nidaros B playing Cologne [FTS], and Nidaros A facing... Cologne! [FTS] (the latter bout is more of a friendly) [EVENT] (FTS feels the B bout is close, but in Cologne's favour)
  • and Kallio, Finland in a closed bout, Kallo Rolling Rainbow are playing Helsinki A [FTS] (FTS calls this for Helsinki)
  • LATE ADDITION: Team Netherlands (Men's) are holding an open Scrimmage against The World on Saturday. [EVENT](seems to have been CANCELLED?)
  • LATE ADDITON: (we were sure we'd included this) Pibrac's Harpies Braqueuses are hosting a triple header in Pibrac, with Lyon's Grrriottes Girrrls against Toulouse' Blocka Nostra in a "scrimmage"; Men's derby with Lyon's Mon cherrry  playing Toulouse' Barrons Cathares; and then Grrriottes Girrrls against hosts Harpies Braqueuses [EVENT]


As far as we know there's no Pacific derby this weekend.

Latin America

In Central and South America, there's two big events we're aware of (please let us know if we're missing anything else):

  • In Mexico City, the No Borders MCRD Tournament sees Mexico City Roller Derby host Texas Rollergirls' Hotrod Honeys, Cuidad Juárez's All Stars and Guadalajara's Minervas Roller Derby in a two-day event. Day 1 sees the Hotrod Honeys play each of the other three teams, whilst Day 2 is a round-robin between the Mexican teams. [FTS Tournament][EVENT] (As the Hotrod Honeys are a Home Team, we can't rate them re the others. SRDRank does predict a close win for the hosts overall, though, with Juárez in second.)
  • And in Buenos Aires, Argentina, Sunday sees 2x4 Roller Derby host their last event before the Violentango 5 (about which more later in the week). This triple header sees 2x4 C against Pergamino's Motherfuckers [FTS], 2x4 B against Temperley's Dirty Fucking Dolls [FTS], and 2x4 A play Sailor City Rollers [FTS]. [EVENT] (We can't call the C bout, but SRDRank expects the hosts to win the B bout, and a very close bout for the A teams, with a slight edge to the hosts)

Other Events

Our semi-regular “other events” section highlights things further in the future you might want to keep an eye on.

Coming up in April, there's a lot of exciting tournaments. This week we'd like to mention Fantastic 8, an 8-way tournament featuring WFTDA member teams from across the continent - from Croydon and Sheffield to Vienna and Munich, by way of Rotterdam and Metz (the hosts), Dresden and Utrect.

also in April, the Louisey Rider Cup (mark 2) is scheduled for the week after, as Nottingham Roller Derby bring back the event due to popular demand. There's strong Scottish involvement already just in the referee and NSO crews, and tickets are still open for spectators.