Non-US/Canadian Derby Roundup: 14/15th October Edition

We’re bringing you another roundup of the upcoming Roller Derby this weekend from across the world. As always, we’re using Flat Track Stats for much of this information – for regions with less good coverage, we also do a bit of intensive searching using a tool which scans the Facebook events of Roller Derby leagues known to Derby Listing.

Predictions of bouts are from FTS, if possible, and from our own SRD Rank where FTS cannot make predictions (for example: Latin America, or non-MRDA men’s bouts).  (SRDRank also has recent WFTDA rankings, including the 31st June ranking, as well as SRDRank, and allows you to make predictions from them.)

If we’ve missed you from our roundup, please let us know! [Or add yourselves to FTS and/or Derbylisting]


This weekend, there's only one thing on in Scotland itself:

  • Inverness: Inverness City Roller Derby run the 3rd of their "Get Your Skates On" free sessions. Anyone interested in knowing more about skating, and Roller Derby, can sign up. [EVENT]


With British Champs over for the year, there's a quieter space in the UK derby as everyone rushes to the first event in our list here:

  • Friday to Sunday, Cwmbran, Wales: The Men's Roller Derby Championships are outside North America for the first time. [EVENT][FTS Tournament][LiveStream]
    • Vancouver Murder (Vancouver, X)
    • St. Louis Gatekeepers (St Louis, MO)
    • San Diego Aftershocks (San Diego, CA)
    • New York Shock Exchange (New York, NY)
    • Bridgetown Menace (Portland, OR)
    • Philadelphia Hooligans (Philadelphia, PA)
    • Puget Sound Outcasts (Puget Sound, WA)
    • Austin Anarchy (Austin, TX)
    • Roller Derby Toulouse (Toulouse, France)
    • Manchester Roller Derby: NWO
    • Southern Discomfort (London)
  • Sunday, Liverpool, England: Liverpool Roller Birds host a screening of "Revolutions", the documentary about the story of roller derby in Ireland over the 4 years from the 2011 Roller Derby World Cup [EVENT]


In Europe, there's several tournaments, double headers and other bouts going on:

  • Antwerp, Belgium: One Love Roller Dolls host a double (triple?) header of the B teams [EVENT]
    • Pack of Destruction (Antwerp B) versus Atomium Kittens (Brussels B) [FTS]
    • Pack of Destruction versus The Cubs (Gent B) [FTS]
    • The Cubs v Atomium Kittens [FTS]
  • Oulu,  Finland: Oulu Roller Derby host a double header versus Luleå [EVENT]
    • Oulu A versus Luleå A [FTS]
    • Oulu B versus Lulea B [FTS]
  • Grenoble, France: the Cannibal Marmots host a double header: [EVENT]
    • Cannibal Marmots Ahhh (A) play the Bone Breakers (Nîmes) [FTS]
    • Cannibal Marmots Bééé (B) play Gones'n Roses' Grrrriotes Girls (Lyon) [FTS]
  • Lille, France: Roller Derby Lille hosts STRONGER THINGS, a two-day European tournament featuring: [FTS Tournament][EVENT]
    • Roller Derby Toulouse B (Blocka Nostra)
    • Portsmouth Roller Wenches
    • Amsterdam Roller Derby A
    • Switchblade RollerGrrrls (Lille)
    • Zürich City RollerGirlz
    • Vienna Roller Derby
  • Darmstadt, Germany: the Riot Rollers host a double header, the first bout of which is a Bundesliga Div 2 bout: [EVENT]
    • Riot Rollers v RockKArollers Karlsruhe (Bundesliga D 2) [FTS Tournament]
    • South German Men's Roller Derby ( ) and Friends v Systers of Mayhem + Vagine Regime [Mixed / Coed / Open bout]
  • Dublin, Ireland: Dublin Roller Derby host a double header, with home teams first [EVENT]:
    • Fuppin Baxtards v Eoin McShoves [home teams]
    • Dublin A versus Bristol Roller Derby A [FTS]
  • Vicenza, Italy: Roller Derby Vicenza host an European double header, as [EVENT]:
    • AnguanASS-Bside (Vicenza B) play Bath Roller Derby B [FTS]
    • Angunas (Vicenza A) play Bath Spartans (Bath A) [FTS]
  • Utrecht, Netherlands: Dom City Dolls host a double header, with [EVENT]
    • Dom City Dolls A versus The World
    • Dom City Dolls B play Hard Breaking Dolls (Prague) [FTS]
  • Oslo, Norway: Oslo Roller Derby host a B-teams bout against Gothenburg Roller Derby [FTS][EVENT]
  • Gdansk, Poland: 3City Piranhas Roller Derby are recruiting with the start of their autumn open training on Saturdays. Those interested in derby are encourage to come along [EVENT]
  • Angered, Gothenburg, Sweden: the West Sweden Roller Derby Association [Västsvenska Roller Derby-Sällskapet] hosts a triple-header event, introducing the newest team in the region, Killer Wheel Rollers of Gothenburg. [EVENT]
    • Killer Wheel Rollers play Nerike Knockouts (Örebro) [FTS]
    • Gothenburg Salty Seamen play the Ugly Ducklings [Team Denmark Men's Roller Derby + some Swedish friends]
    • Dock City Rollers (Gothenburg) play the Royal Swedish Army (Stockholm) [FTS]
  • Gothenburg, Sweden: Dock City Rollers host the afterparty for the above event [EVENT]
  • Sunday, Antwerp, Belgium: One Love Roller Dolls follow up their derby extravaganza on the Saturday with their Fresh Meat recruitment event [EVENT]
  • Sunday, Jyväskylä, Finland: Jyväskylä Roller Derby are hosting an open skate, allowing those interested in derby to try out the kit, meet the skaters and see a scrim [EVENT]
  • Sunday, Avignon, France: Roller Derby Avignon are hosting a double header, as [EVENT]:
    • Rabbit Skulls (Avignon W) play Black Crows (Castres) [FTS]
    • Warren Track Fighters (Avignon M) play Mon Cherrry (Lyon) [FTS]
  • Sunday, Épinal, France: Reaper's Crew host a game against the Molly Hatchets of Pontarlier [EVENT][FTS]
  • Monday, Ljubljana, Solvenia: Roller Derby Ljubljana are opening their training for recruitment, with attendees getting to see a demonstration scrim, plus try out the kit [EVENT]


In Australia and New Zealand there's a bit more skating, and even more tournaments:

  • Friday, Mackay, QLD, Australia: Mackay City Roller Maidens are getting into the halloween spirit running their very own haunted house experience for those wanting a good scare. [EVENT]
  • Adelaide, SA, Australia: Light City Derby are holding their home teams final, as the Galactic Guardians face the Regimental Rollers for the trophy. [EVENT]
  • Canberra, ACT, Australia: Canberra Roller Derby League hold the 6th game in their home teams series, as Black 'n' Blue Belles play Surly Griffins for their place in the final [EVENT]
  • Wauchope, NSW, Australia: Port Macquarie Roller Derby League are holding a coed/open to all cherry popper bout. [EVENT]
  • Sydney, NSW, Australia: Sydney Roller Derby League are 10 years old, and are celebrating by bringing back their original seven home teams for a knock-out tournament [EVENT]
  • Wellington, New Zealand: Richter City Roller Derby host the 2017 Quake, Battle & Roll tournament, the first ever International tournament in NZ. [Live Stream][EVENT][FTS Tournament]
    • Northern Brisbane Roller Derby [Brisbane, Australia]
    • Sun State Roller Girls B (Killer Bees) [Brisbane, Australia]
    • Auckland Roller Derby
    • Dead End Derby [Christchurch]
    • Dunedin Derby
    • Richter City A [Wellington]
    • Whakatāne Roller Derby

Latin America

In Latin America, Argentina has another tournament, and there's celebrations in Chile:

  • Friday to Sunday, Curitiba, Brasil: the 6th Brasileirão de Roller Derby, the big Brazilian derby tournament hosted by the Blue Jay Rollers, is on, featuring [EVENT]
    • Bootcamp
    • Tournament: [FTS Tournament][Streaming on the Facebook event page]
      • Gray City Rebels (São Paulo)
      • Iron Ladies (Blumenau)
      • Sugar Loathe (Rio de Janeiro)
      • Blue Jay Rollers (Curitiba)
      • Thunder Rats (São Paulo)
      • Meat Machine (Campo Grande)
      • Featuring: Roller Derby Brasil versus Argentina's N.E.R.D.!
  • Córdoba, Argentina: Hiedras Roller Derby host the 2017 Torneo CordoBAzo, [EVENT][FTS Tournament]
    • Hiedras Roller Derby (Córdoba)
    • Sailor City Rollers (Buenos Aires)
    • Coquena's Fighter RDM (Mens, Jujuy)
    • Dirty Fucking Dolls (Buenos Aires)
    • Herejes Roller Derby (San Luis)
    • Wonderclan Roller Derby Masculino (Mens, Buenos Aires)
    • Metropolitan Roller Derby (Santiago, Chile)
    • Survival Crew Roller Derby (Mens, Córdoba)
  • Córdoba, Argentina: Asistencia Medica Argentina Roller Derby are hosting a series of classes in First Aid for Roller Derby during CordoBAzo. [EVENT]
  • Valdivia, Chile: Roller Derby Valdivia celebrate their 2nd birthday with a triangular tournament of mash-up coed/open teams, with guests from: Leo Diosas Volcanicas Seltzer, Corvus Roller Derby Temuco, Chillanrolleros Derby Club, Quimeras Roller Derby Neuquen and Colusión Austral [EVENT]
  • Sunday, Viña del Mar, Chile: Tacones Banditos Roller Derby are celebrating Roller Derby in Valparaíso staging a meetup and a triple header with: [EVENT]
    • Unión Subversiva (Santiago, Rebeldes) v Tacones Banditos [FTS]
    • Bototos Banditos v The World [Mens]
    • Aukan Roller Derby (Viña del Mar) v Tacones [FTS]
  • Late addition: Sunday, Mexico City, Mexico: Liga All Blacks Roller Derby's Malinches will be taking on Toluca's Roller Devils on Sunday. [FTS] [No event but a Poster]
  • Late notice: Armenia, Colombia: Makiabellas Roller Derby host the first ever Men's  Derby Tournament in Colombia [EVENT]

Africa and Middle East

  • We're not aware of anything in this region, for this weekend.