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Those who've been following the news this year will be aware that the Roller Derby Nations Committee - the body representing all of the National Teams in designing, planning and delivering the Roller Derby World Cups - has recently elected new Regional Representatives.

These Regional Representatives each sit on the Executive of the RDNC, and are responsible for representing all of the Nations in their Region, and, conversely, representing the RDNC Exec to those same Nations, via each Nation's Representative. As such, having a full set of Regional Representatives is essential in order to make progress with National Teams business worldwide.

With 4 of the 7 seats on the RDNC Exec newly elected, we thought we'd let you get to know them all a little better with some self-provided profiles.

Northern Europe Regional Rep: Hazzard

Photograph of Hazzard (Photo: Laura Macdonald)

Photo by Laura MacDonald

Hazel Mochan / Hazzard - she/her

New Town Roller Derby - Team Captain, Head of Training

UKRDA Vice Chair

Tell us a bit about yourself...

I’ve been skating and involved in Roller Derby for 8 years now.

Over the course of my time I’ve been involved in the formation and growth of a league [New Town Roller Derby], managing a National Squad for the 2018 [Roller Derby] World Cup, and most recently was elected to the UKRDA Board of Directors where my remit is Membership and National Squads.

Why did you apply as a Regional Rep for the RDNC?

I wanted to apply for the North European National Chair Role to help further the efforts towards the next World Cup and to help shape the future of international roller derby!

I'm really excited to get involved and hopefully bring something fresh to the role!

What are your hopes and plans for the Roller Derby Nations Committee?

I especially wanted to try and bring some Scottish Roller Derby flair to the rest of Europe and the world, as we have a really lovely close-knit community ranging from big WFTDA+MRDA member leagues, down to smaller leagues who all have such passion for the sport and for helping each other!

Central and Southern Europe Rep: Monika

Not a photo of Monika: a cartoon of her, surrounded by cats, drinking a large mug of coffee, holding a copy of What a Bout magazine.

Cartoon by Jagoda Kaleta

Monika Cierniak - she/her

Warsaw Hellcats - jack of all trades

Independent volunteer

Tell us a bit about yourself…

I found Roller Derby in 2015 when I bought my skates to heal a broken heart. I played in several games, officiate even less.

Had to drop down playing due to health issues but still have hope to come back to it. Didn’t become NSO as I discovered a greater way for me to be involved in roller derby - that is volunteering. I started with Smackdown 2016 and since then I’m trying to help at every event in Europe that recruits volunteers.

Still involved with Warsaw Hellcats Roller Girls more as organizer of their events.

Privately coffee lover and foster carer of homeless cats.

Why did you apply as a Regional Rep for the RDNC?

I applied ‘cause I was very curious what RDNC is really responsible for. I’m not on national team and I had a problem to find out any news about upcoming World Cup and as I wanted to apply as volunteer this was crucial for me to find out when and where is it planned to be.

Also I know that in Roller Derby there are always not enough people to do hard and “boring” work. And I love this work! Spreadsheets, getting information from others, pools, coordinate things - it’s my life :D And that is the thing I discovered about myself when I get involved in roller derby.

Also I felt that it was high time for me to do something “more”, something outside of my team. That I can use the skills which I got during organizing events for my team on higher level. And that I’m ready to learn new things and face new challenges.

What are your hopes and plans for the Roller Derby Nations Committee?

I'm here to help and work hard. I think we should raise awareness what RDNC is struggling with and what are our wins, get National Teams and derby people more involved in our work, make our social media more active.

And also I want to give “my region” a strong voice, make it more visible. Show how wonderful people make roller derby here and how awesome it comes out despite all obstacles. And maybe also find a way to make it a little bit easier for them.

My dream long term plan is to see one day, a Roller Derby World Cup at the national stadium in Warsaw :)

North America Regional Rep: Jumpy McGee

Photo of Jumpy McGee

Photo by Jim Vernier

April Fournier / Jumpy McGee - she/her/hers

Team Indigenous Rising - Captain + Co-founder

Maine Roller Derby - Board Member, rostered skater

Tell us a bit about yourself…

I'm April Fournier or Jumpy McGee (she/her/hers) and am the new representative for North America (or Turtle Island) on the RDNC. I am the captain and co-founder of Team Indigenous Roller Derby (now Team Indigenous Rising).

My home league is Maine Roller Derby where I am on the board and play for both home teams and travel team. I am also a member of Team Maine Roller Derby.

I am in my 6th season of playing derby and just keep falling more in love with the sport and the community.

Why did you apply as a Regional Rep for the RDNC?

I wanted to join the RDNC as I wanted there to be a voice present for those teams who may be non-traditional, may be seeking support in how to work within the system when they are borderless or fall under the revised definition of a Nation. I recognize that this sport has a lot of privilege and many of those with privilege are in positions of power and influence.

I wanted to be a representative that can work within many different groups, including those marginalized and underrepresented and elevate those voices within the committee.

What are your hopes and plans for the Roller Derby Nations Committee?

My hopes for the RDNC are to work collaboratively in finding a way to have World Cup (and any other events) in a fair, equitable, accessible and sustainable way. We love this sport, but we all recognize that it's expensive and can be exclusionary when we don't have paths for everyone to participate.

We also want to see more games and more opportunities. I'm hoping we'll continue to have more interest and participation in planning and funding to help reduce some of the burden of putting on such a large event.

Central and South America Regional Rep: Maki

Photograph of Makie Antoinette

Makie Antoinette — she/her

Sailor City Rollers Head Official

WFTDA Regional Trainer — Latin America

Tell us a bit about yourself...

Hey there, I'm Maki which is short for Makie Antoinette which is my derby alter ego for my real name, Macarena (Yes, like the song. Yes, I've done the dance countless times). I've been around the derby multiverse for about 7 years now, which is more than half of the time the sport has existed in my country, Argentina. Currently I'm on my 6th year as a full time non skating official and on my 4th as Sailor City Rollers Head Official.

My current tasks in derby go from being Head Official in my league, working with WFTDA's Official Education Committee as a Regional Trainer for Latin America and going around tournaments with a very distinctive glittery pink crown.

When not doing derby I'm a social worker in the making, history nerd to an unnecessary level and proud mom of a 5 year old tabby cat called Dorian.

Why did you apply as a Regional Rep for the RDNC?

The nomination came to me as a surprise from a Latin American team located in Uruguay.

I had previously seen the ballot opening in the page, but hesitated to apply to it since I did not know I'd make the cut or had the necessary qualifications for the task. This team's vote of trust on me pushed me to believe that I was up to the task and I'm thankful they did. Being a representative for LatAm is not only a huge responsibility but a honor and I can't wait to work together with the Committee to make stuff happen for everyone.

What are your hopes and plans for the Roller Derby Nations Committee?

Coming into the table with my fellow Regional chairs, my hope is to bring into the discussion an insight on Emerging Nations and geographically-isolated regions in a way that we can work out a system that everyone can benefit from, no matter the country where you're located.

Great talents are arising in the non-Central regions and it's up to us to create spaces where they are heard, considered and granted the space they so heavily need and deserve.

In the times that we are living it's on us to create a community where all the Nations come together and WFTDA's motto is key: real, strong, athletic, revolutionary and most of all, diverse.

Thank you for your time and have a great day ✨