The First SRDB Awards - Nominations Open!

End of Year awards are a tradition in a lot of communities, and they're one way to highlight and recognise contribution within that community. For the last several years, the Talk Derby To Me podcast ran them for Roller Derby. With TDTM in a quiescent state currently, we reached out to the podcast's founder to get permission to take on the mantle.

As you might guess from this post existing, he agreed.

So, this article will introduce the ground-rules for the first ever SRDB Awards.


The SRDB Award Logo: the Scottish Roller Derby Blog Logo (concentric circles, outer circle containing words "Scottish Roller Derby" all-capitals, separated by five-pointed stars, and an inner ring of stars just outside the boundary of the inner circle; inner circle containing a modification of the "lion of scotland", a heraldic lion, facing right, rampant, with a jammer cover on its head), but with a gold/bronze colour scheme applied.

The SRDB Awards, as with the TDTM Awards before them, are entirely delivered by the community, and provide a chance to recognise contributions to Roller Derby in a range of categories.

Anyone can nominate any number of candidates for each and any of our categories: you must, however, provide a suitable reason for why they should win. This reason will be shown to voters when voting, so try to make it convincing! You can nominate for any reason, as long as you explain it. You may nominate in any language, and we will translate [but we may need to talk to you to confirm - please specify your contact details if you want to be contacted].

(Even being nominated will give your nominee visibility, so please do nominate even if you are worried about them winning - winning isn't everything, and being nominated is really the core thing here.)

(SRDB reserves the right to remove obviously trolling nominations, but we promise to have a light touch here; we will also remove or recategorise nominations which don't match their category.) SRDB will not nominate anyone for any categories themselves.

We will be using the following categories:

  1. Skater
  2. Coach
  3. Referee
  4. Non-Skating Official
  5. Announcer
  6. Photographer
  7. Volunteer
  8. League
  9. Tournament
  10. (Non-regulation) Tournament (Sur5al/Roller Derby Sevens/etc)
  11. Bootcamp
  12. Media (individual articles/podcasts/etc only, not a whole blog)
  13. Hall of Fame
  14. Rising Star (Junior or young community members in any area)

You can nominate the same thing in multiple categories, if they are eligible. (So, a Roller Derby Sevens tournament could be nominated in Tournament and (Non-Regulation) Tournament; a skater who also referees could be nominated in both categories; and so on).

Hall of Fame is a category which anything can be nominated for, as long as it is considered deserving.

Thanks to Skye MacIntyre for suggesting the Rising Star category.

If we get more than one nomination for the same thing in the same category, we will combine all the justifications given into one entry. This may require editing the text provided.

Nominations will close at the end of the 9th of December, midnight GMT.


On the 11th of December, we will open voting on the categories, with the nominations provided. Voting will be restricted (as far as possible) to 1 vote per person.

Each Category will get a separate post on the blog, mentioning all nominees along with their supplied justifications.

Each category will be a separate vote, with each nominee presented alongside the justifications provided in their nomination(s). The link for the vote will be on the article, as well as in the central article for voting (and we'll share links on social media).

We will be using approval voting for each category: you should tick every nominee that you would be happy to see win the category. If you don't think any should win, don't tick any. If you think all of them deserve to win, tick all of them.

The winner in each category will be the nominee with the most votes overall. In the case of a tie, all of the most-voted for candidates will win.

Voting on the nominees will close on the 29th of December, midnight GMT.

We will then present the winners in an article on New Year's Day.