CaiRollers Need You

As we reported earlier, the CaiRollers , Egypt's only Roller Derby league, recently made history by playing in South Africa, in the first ever African continental bout of Roller Derby.

Unfortunately, whilst their tournament was one of the few not to be cancelled last weekend, events caught up with them rapidly, as the evolving pandemic led to many of the team having their flights back to Egypt cancelled. In addition, Egypt itself declared that it would soon be closing its borders, requiring other team members to rebook flights at short notice and considerable expense.

After an extremely stressful few days, we can confirm that all members of the CaiRollers have made it back to Cairo - some at the last moment, and many having to travel complex routes with changes in central Africa. However, all of this additional last-minute travel booking, and cancellation of other things planned in South Africa (with additional fees!), has cost the CaiRollers considerably. As well as the financial costs, they have also lost some of their kit enroute.

We, along with others like Derby Without Borders , have been keeping in contact with the team to see how we can help them.

If you would like to help the CaiRollers, please donate funds to their PayPal account at or contact Derby Without Borders who are also we believe helping to organise funds and support with replacement kit.

Thank you for your time.