SRDB - Vodcasts - Czech Roller Derby

A few weeks ago, we debuted the first of a planned series of SRDB Vodcasts, as we host chats with the Roller Derby community around the World.

That first edition covered Italian Roller Derby - and we're back today with the second edition, featuring the Czech Roller Derby community.

Highlights include footage from Team Czech's first game at RDWC2018, a discussion of the newest Roller Derby league in the Czech Republic, Ostrava, and a lot of other great discussion.

We've embedded the video here so you can watch it without needing to go to YouTube:

and we'll be updating this with an audio-only version in the future.

The entire Series Playlist is here, if you don't want to miss out on future episodes:

If your region would like to be part of this project, please email us at to discuss, or get in touch via our Instagram or Facebook pages - we'd love to hear from you (and help the world hear about you too)! We're currently working on 3 regions for new Vodcasts, but we don't have a limit as yet.