WFTDA Competitive Season Cut by COVID-19

A lot of our updates have been cancellations recently - although we hope to get more positive content in the next few weeks.

Today, though, it's still a bit negative, as the WFTDA announced the cancellation of Playoffs and Continental Cups this season. With the ongoing effects of COVID-19 responses across all of the competitive regions in which Roller Derby happens, it was inevitable that the competitive season would be at least strongly truncated - with it unlikely that we'll see anything like a semblance of "normal training" before June, it's clear that expecting teams to launch back into the WFTDA Sanctioned competition would be unrealistic (to say nothing of the expectations this would place on Officials and Volunteers)

(As far as possible, the hosts will be hosting the equivalent events in 2021, with WFTDA support for the impacts of this on the leagues.)

Whilst the Rankings Committee and Competitive Play Committee have made continual adjustments to try to allow the rankings system to support teams, it's sometimes necessary to also cut back the schedule itself.

The WFTDA are still planning a "Championships" event in November, although we would imagine that the nature of this will be strongly dependent on upcoming months.

The full WFTDA statement can be found here: