Weekend Highlights: 12 May 2019

This is the Sunday addendum to this weekend's highlights, with even more roller derby of all kinds.

Remember: if you want to ensure your event has a chance of being highlighted, you can contact us via Facebook, Instagram, Email or WeChat to remind us. (If your website has a useful RSS or other syndication feed, please tell us about it, too.) We highlight events for various reasons, not just because they "big", so don't be shy.

In a bid to make this list as useful as possible, we've avoided links to Facebook except where noted. (Links to Teams are to non-Facebook resources - Instagram, or actual team pages - we'd strongly recommend that Teams get themselves an actual webpage [we can help host one if you need help]).

Locations are roughly organised East-West (with things before the weekend out sequence at the start).

Sun: Lanús, Argentina


Atomic Bombs Roller Derby host a double header of Roller Derby, as they take on a joint, mixed team from Colmena Roller Derby and Cerberos Roller Derby (of Remedios de Escalada), who are punning a little with their mixed team name, followed by a mixed gender bout with Inka Roller Derby playing an open subscription team (Chambelanes). [As far as we can tell, the entire theme of this double header is a gentle mocking of the "Sweet sixteen"/"debutante ball" event.]

  • Atomix (Atomic Bombs O / Lanús) versus Colmenos&Cerberas (Remedios de Escalada O)
  • Inka RD (Buenos Aires O) versus Chambelanes (mixed open subs team)

These bouts are not in FTS due to the open subs or mashup nature of teams

Event starts: 1500 Sunday (doors open)

Venue: Club Podesta, Vélez Sárfield, Lanús, Argentina

Sun: Buenos Aires, Argentina


Chat Noir Roller Derby host a double header of Roller Derby

  • Chat Noir (La Plata) versus Team C (2x4 C / Buenos Aires)
  • Alianza Rebelde (La Plata) versus Bloody Furias (Buenos Aires)

Event starts: 1400 Sunday (doors open)

Venue: Club Estrella del Sur, Buenos Aires, Argentina

Sun: Cwmbran, Wales


Riot City Ravens host a triple header fixture for British Championships Tier 2 South. At this stage in the Tier 2 South, the table is very close, with three teams with no losses (but only one game apiece for each).

  • Suffolk Roller Derby versus Dorset
  • Hereford versus Plymouth
  • Riot City Ravens (Newport) versus Hertfordshire

Event starts: 1000 Sunday

Venue: Cwmbran Stadium, Henllys Way, Cwmbran, Wales

Sun: Châteauroux, France


Les Pirnanas de Châteauroux host a triple header round robin, against their neighbours from Anjou, and a mixed mashup team (UB).

  • Les Pirnanas de Châteauroux
  • Anjou Derby Girls
  • UB team

There's only one bout here listable in FTS, given that you can't rate "UB" teams.

Event starts: 1100 Sunday

Venue: Gymnase Jablonsky, Rue Louis-Braille, Châteauroux

Sun: Eindhoven, Netherlands


Rockcity Rollers host a triple header with multiple teams from Namur and Zeeland!

  • Rockcity Rollers High Voltage (Edinhoven mixed level) versus Les Parpaings (Namur B)
  • Motherf*cking Carebears (?? mixed gender) versus Namur Glorious Basterds (Namur M)
  • Rockcity Rollers B (Eindhoven B) versus Black Sheep Honey Rollers (Zeeland)

The middle bout is not in Flat Track Stats due to the mixed nature of the teams

Event starts: 1030 Sunday

Venue: RC de Lichstad, St. Trudostraat 1A, Eindhoven, Netherlands

Sun: Graz, Austria


Dust City Rollers host the first game of their Spring Season, as they take on Regensburg's finest.

  • Dust City Rollers (Graz) versus Rolling Ratpack (Regensburg)

Event starts: 1300 Sunday

Venue: Sportunion Steiermark, Gaußgasse 3, Graz, Austria

Sun: Stockholm, Sweden


The Royal Swedish Roller Derby host an international double header, with their fellows from Östergötland joining them to face DCCLM from France!

  • The Royal Army (Royal Swedish B / Stockholm)
  • Norrköping Roller Derby - versus
  • DCCLM (Montpellier)

Event starts: 1145 Sunday (doors open)

Venue: Farstahallen, Farstaängsvägen 3, Farsta, Sweden

Sun: Athens, Greece


Athens Roller Derby (link to Facebook, as we can't find other pages for them) host an open training event, which also serves as a recruitment day. (We don't often see events from Athens Roller Derby, other than these training events... we'd love to know more about what's happening in Greece!)

Event starts: 1800 Sunday

Venue: Olympic Stadium, Athens, Greece

Sun: Adelaide, SA, Australia


Lil' Adelaide Rollers host their first home teams game of the year!

  • Quad Monsters versus Skool of Blokk (home teams)

Event starts: 1600 Sunday (doors open)

Venue: LeFevre Community Stadium, 541 Victoria Road, Osborne, SA, Australia