Weekend Highlights: 17 Nov 2019 (SUNDAY)

This is the Sunday addendum for the coming weekend, allowing us to highlight a few other events in countries overshadowed by big tournaments. There's exciting derby everywhere, and it's important that we don't miss the smaller (but equally significant) things behind the larger flashier events.

The rules are, as usual: highlights limited to 1 event per country, with an "extra" event allowed for a different kind of fixture (so, 1 tournament and 1 bootcamp), or if they involve Scottish leagues (since we are the Scottish Roller Derby Blog). Other notability might also allow the extra event - great posters, notable teams, etc. (League birthdays may count as "special" enough, at our discretion ;) )

In a bid to make this list as useful as possible, we've avoided links to Facebook except where noted. (Links to Teams are to non-Facebook resources - Instagram, or actual team pages - we'd strongly recommend that Teams get themselves an actual webpage [we can help host one if you need help]).

Locations are roughly organised East-West (with things before the weekend out sequence at the start).

Map of all events (coded by type)

Sun: Ballarat, VIC, Australia


Ballarat Roller Derby League host a double header of roller derby, their last for 2019!

  • Ratpack (Ballarat) versus Bloody Mary's (Geelong Roller Derby League)
  • Bratpack (Ballarat B) versus Penny Dreadfuls (Mornington Peninsula Roller Derby Club)

Event starts: 1200 Sunday (doors open)

Venue: Doug Deans Sports Stadium, 16 Nandiriog Dr, Ballarat, VIC, Australia

Sun: Dunkerque, France


Les Sirènes Hurlantes host the interestingly named "Le Père Noël est un Zombie", a triple-header round-robin tournament to raise funds for the Fondation du Dunkerquois Solidare

  • Knock'n Roll Cannibals (Criel) versus Sirènes Hurlantes (Dunkerque)
  • Sirènes Hurlantes versus Drakkboobs (Cherbourg/Rouen mashup)
  • Drakkboobs versus Knock'n Roll Cannibals

Event starts: 1000 Sunday (doors open?)

Venue: Lycée de l'Europe, 809 Rue du Banc Vert, Dunkerque, France

Mon-Wed: Kirkwall, Orkney, Scotland


Orkney ViQueens have a pop-up stall at the Blue Door from the start of next week, with a fundraising homebake stall and a raffle.

Event starts: 1000 Monday-Wednesday

Venue: 63 Victoria Street, Kirkwall, Orkney, Scotland

Sun: Newcastle upon Tyne, UK


Newcastle Roller Girls host their 2019 Home Teams tournament, as once again the Blue Star Bruisers, Toon Raiders, and War Lasses compete in a 25 minute bout round robin for the championship. This is the end of season event for NRG, so the last chance to see them before the new year.

Event starts: Benfield Sports Centre, Benfield Road, Newcastle upon Tyne, UK

Venue: 1230 Sunday (doors open)

Sun: Taunton, UK


SWAT Roller Derby also host a charity event, the 2019 edition of "Bout Against Cancer", raising funds for Macmillan Cancer Care, CLIC Sargent, and FORCE Cancer Charity. This is a quadruple header with all kinds of derby represented.

  • WFTDA-gender Beginner/Intermediate game
  • Open To All genders Intermediate/Advanced game
  • Juniors (JRDA levels 2 and 3) Expo game [30 minutes]
  • WFTDA-gender Intermediate/Advanced game

Event starts: 1100 Sunday (doors open)

Venue: Wellsprings Leisure Centre, Cheddon Road, Taunton, Somerset

Sun: Mar del Plata, Argentina


Cobra Quads and Rebeldes del Asfalto host an exciting double-header of Argentine roller derby, with both Open To All genders and WFTDA-gender bouts.

  • Cobra Quads (Mar del Plata O) versus Chacabuco Roller Derby (Parque Chacabuco O)
  • Rebeldes del Asfalto (Mar del Plata) versus Bastardas Roller Derby Tigre (Zona Norte Buenos Aires)

Event starts: 1730 Sunday

Venue: Club Atlético Mar del Plata, Rivadavia 3358, Mar del Plata, Argentina

Sun: Cutral-Có, Neuquén, Argentina


Cutral-Có Roller Derby host a double header, as they welcome Neuquén's Malditas X for a friendly (picadito amistoso).

  • Cutral-Có Roller Derby versus Malditas X (Neuquén) [FRIENDLY]
  • Black versus White scrimmage

Event starts: 1400 Sunday

Venue: Polideportivo Barrio Parque Oeste, Cutral Có, Neuquén, Argentina