Weekend Highlights: 20 October 2019 (Sunday)

This is the Sunday addendum for this week's highlights; and it's a busy Sunday (some two-day events are already covered in the Saturday highlights, and there are still triple headers here!). Sunday also remains a place for scrimmage, though, with many of these events being more informal affairs.

In addition to the above, remember that there are two open Short Track events this Sunday: the low-contact event in Halifax, and the introduction to Short Track in Worcester.

The rules are, as usual: highlights limited to 1 event per country, with an "extra" event allowed for a different kind of fixture (so, 1 tournament and 1 bootcamp), or if they involve Scottish leagues (since we are the Scottish Roller Derby Blog). Other notability might also allow the extra event - great posters, notable teams, etc. (League birthdays may count as "special" enough, at our discretion ;) )

We've bent the rules a bit this time, because it's important to highlight derby in regions which need more attention.

In a bid to make this list as useful as possible, we've avoided links to Facebook except where noted. (Links to Teams are to non-Facebook resources - Instagram, or actual team pages - we'd strongly recommend that Teams get themselves an actual webpage [we can help host one if you need help]).

Locations are roughly organised East-West (with things before the weekend out sequence at the start).

Map of all events (coded by type)

Sun: Carrum Downs, VIC, Australia


South Sea Roller Derby host a WFTDA-sanctioned bout against East Victoria's Witches of East Vic, hosted by Sk8house. This is SSRD A's only home game this year!

  • South Sea Sirens (South Sea A | SE Melbourne) versus Witches of East Vic (E Melbourne)

Event starts: 1915 Sunday

Venue: Sk8house, 3/2 Amayla Cres, Carrum Downs, VIC, Australia

Sun: Freiburg, Germany

[FACEBOOK LINK] [FTS LINK (Bundesliga D3)]

Blockforest Roller Derby host a double header event, including a Bundesliga D3 game for their A team!

  • Blockforest Roller Derby (Freiburg) versus Roller Derby Regensburg [Bundesliga D3]
  • Rhine Rebels (Basel) versus Riot Rollers B (Darmstadt B)

Event starts: 1200 Sunday (doors open)

Venue: Jahnhalle, Lameystraße 4, Freiburg, Germany

Sun: Antwerp, Belgium


Antwerp Roller Derby welcome Rotterdam's finest to their city to face their own B team.

  • Pack of Destruction (Antwerp B) versus Rotterdam Roller Derby

Event starts: 1400 Sunday (doors open?)

Venue: Ijzerlaan 30 203, Antwerp, Belgium

Sun: Avignon, France


The Rabbit Skulls of Avignon are hosting a triple header on Sunday, as part of the general trend this month for French leagues to explode into action during the start of the French season... This is an international event, with both WFTDA-gender and MRDA-gender games. (There's disagreement between the event description and the most recent post from the Rabbit Skulls on if this is a triple or a double, but we'll assume the most recent post is accurate.)

  • Harpies (Milan) versus Bloody Skulls (Marseille)
  • Warren Track Fighters (Avignon M) versus "Mystery Team"
  • Rabbit Skulls (Avignon) versus Harpies

There are no Flat Track Stats entries for these games, as yet. We're not sure why...

Event starts: 0915 Sunday ?

Venue: Gymnase Jean Brunet, 2 rue Robert Schumann, 84000 Avignon, France

Sun: Sunningdale, UK


Royal Windsor Roller Derby host the October edition of their now "semi-regular" Open To All genders open scrim. Pre-mins skaters allowed, scrims will be organised to accommodate all experience levels. Free entry!

Event starts: 1230 Sunday (first whistle)

Venue: Charters Leisure Centre, Sunningdale, UK

Sun: Bournemouth, UK


Dorset Roller Girls and Dorset Knobs Roller Derby co-host a double header of mixed teams roller derby, because it's almost Halloween, styled "Beetlejukes" (which is a better pun than some you get nowadays!).

  • Intermediate-level WFTDA-gender policy Mixed teams game
  • Intermediate-Advanced-level Open-To-All gender Mixed teams game.

Event starts: 1230 Sunday (first whistle)

Venue: BH Live Active, Sir David English. East Way, Bournemouth, UK

Sun: Vannes, France


Les V'hermines of Roller Derby Vannes are hosting a public scrimmage, with free entry.

  • Les V'hermines (Vannes A) + La Ferraille (Hennebont) versus Les Bomb'Hard (Quimper (Kemper))

Event starts: 1530 Sunday (doors open)

Venue: Complexe Sportif de Kerbiquette, Allée du Dolmen, Vannes, France

Sun: Mexico City, Mexico


Mexico City Roller Derby host what we believe is a double header event (although all we have on this is a rather gnomic flyer). Once again, it's interesting to note yet another WFTDA-gender versus MRDA-gender bout as part of the lineup: this is becoming fairly regular in Mexico recently.

  • Mexico City Roller Derby versus Disorder Roller Derby (MCRD M)
  • Discordias (EMEXRD | Mexico City) versus Quimeras (LRDCM | Mexico City)

Event starts: 0930 Sunday

Venue: Centro Deportivo Guelato, Rep. de Honduras S/N, Lagunilla, Mexico City, Mexico