The First SRDB Awards - Coach

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This is the nominations list for the first ever SRDB Awards, in the category of Coach.

The ground-rules for the Awards are covered in the launch post here .

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Nominees for COACH

Nominee: Graeme McPhail (Bairn City Rollers)

"Graeme has been coaching us (Fresh Meat) and has been absolutely amazing! I've gone from being not very confident with my skating and derby skills at all, to now being so close to passing my mins, and it's all thanks to Graeme! Graeme doesn't just focus on skating skills to pass mins, he really does show us how to use our skills in derby scenarios so we will be more ready to play once we pass! Well, that's the theory anyway, haha! "

Nominee: Harm (Lothian Roller Derby / Skate of Mind)

"Harm works super hard inspiring young people to learn to skate with Skate of Mind and build up their skills and confidence in the skatepark with CIB kids. She also coaches LRD, bench coaches challenge team games and is an amazingly supportive and inspiring member of the roller derby community 😍"

Nominee: Lily Gaskell

"Lily has been running fantastic bootcamps over the past year, travelling around leagues and inspiring new skaters and smaller leagues with new skills and tactics"

Nominee: Malin Landsborough (Dundee Roller Derby / Power of Scotland)

"For the support and coaching they give to their own league, DRD, as well as POS"

Nominee: Maz LeFay (Fair City Rollers)

"This woman is a derby machine. She is crazy good at organising EVERYTHING! She keeps drama to a minimum (no mean feat in derby). Makes newbies feel welcome and pushes us all. She has even given up a room in her house to derby kit!"

Nominee: Niezniszczarna Aleksandra Barczewska (3City Piranhas)

"This very hardworking person was stubbornly putting a lot of effort into creating and developing polish roller derby, alongside with coaching skaters and SO from 3city Piranhas Roller Derby for past 6 years. It resulted with progress of local roller derby, many people prepared for their MS tests and games, bootcamps and scrimmages. As the creator of one of the firsts teams in Poland she put all of her heart into this sport and people of roller derby. "

Nominee: Optimus Grime

"Grime has given so much to Scottish roller derby in terms of his coaching time and knowledge. He has run Jammer clubs for our jammers, coached local leagues and hosted bootcamps bringing the knowledge and drills he find from over seas back to us here in Scotland. He has given more than any other coach in the UK let alone Scotland in terms of coaching for free or to fundraise and not to mention he invented the 'sashay away' walk reformation drill ;)"

Nominee: Rachel Newton (Lincolnshire Bombers Roller Derby)

"Ray coaches LBRD newbies and intermediates. She has a great attitude towards newbies and makes people feel comfortable on skates. She can be tough and push people but it's always to there ability (even of they didn't think so!) She is a constant on the team and has regularly coached on her own to help grow our team."

Nominee: Rosie Peacock

"All round good egg!! Explains everything in detail but not so much you get confused. Always has time for questions and helping people gain knowledge on or off track! "

Nominee: Tristan Dodd (Hereford Roller Derby / Hereford Poison Berries)

"Tristan is the coach for Hereford Poison Berries Junior Roller Derby Team and Hereford Roller Derby. He gives up lots of his time to catch both teams and travel around the county supporting. 11 of the young people he coaches have been selected to play for Team GB in the World Cup 2020 "

You can vote for your preferred winners out of the nominees here: [LINK]