The First SRDB Awards - League

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This is the nominations list for the first ever SRDB Awards, in the category of League.

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Nominees for LEAGUE

Nominee: 2x4 Roller Derby (Buenos Aires, Argentina)

"Por el logro histórico de ser el primer equipo latinoamericano en llegar a Champs For making history as the first Latin American team to enter (WFTDA) Champs."

Nominee: Avas Roller Derby (Rio de Janeiro, Brazil)

"Because we are a new league playing in Brazil (we are from Rio de Janeiro and we are 1 year old); despite the fact that we don't have a venue to practice in, we don't have any financial support, and some skaters that only started to skate 6 months ago, we could bring a competitive team to the 9º Brazilian Championship. It was a huge victory."

Nominee: Bad Rangers Poznań Roller Derby League (Poznań, Poland)

"Good people skating and holding events in Poland - Poznań is much smaller than Warsaw, they fought many obstacles - one being that they became a league by merging two teams together. They host officials and coaches, they have been helping a lot with both Polish National teams by hosting training. They are just a really positive group of people that are doing a lot for roller derby in Poland! "

Nominee: Bairn City Rollers (Falkirk/Stirling, Scotland)

"I moved to Bairns earlier this year and they are the loveliest, happiest, most talented league. They are up for a challenge and even played tier 2 MRDA champs with a 95% female team and rocked it! They aren't the best known league and they deserve some recognition. [] Always lovely to work with and always open to everyone. Entered British Champs as a genuine OTA team and finished a credible third out of six in an MRDA tier that included North Wales, the Inhuman League and Tyne & Fear B. Their WFTDA team never seem to lose a game, taking another step up this year beating Glasgow B and Granite A in thrilling games. "

Nominee: Bogotá Bone Breakers (Bogotá, Colombia)

"Liga colombiana de roller derby, campeona nacional y distrital de roller derby Alli se aprende bastante tiene grandiosas jugadoras y entrenadores. Equipo subcampeón latinoamericano Colombian Roller Derby league, National and District Champions. They train you well, have great players and coaches. Latin American 'runner-up' team."

Nominee: Dust City Rollers (Graz, Austria)

"Questa squadra incarna totalmente lo spirito e i valori del roller derby. E' forte e determinata nelle proprie posizioni, inclusiva nel vero senso del termine e io credo che vada premiata perchè purtroppo oggi il mondo il mondo del roller derby sta piano piano dimenticando le proprie origini. This team completely embodies the spirit and values of Roller Derby. They're strong and determined in their place, inclusive in the true sense of the term, and I believe that they should be rewarded because, unfortunately, today the world of Roller Derby is slowly forgetting its origins."

Nominee: Fair City Rollers (Perth, Scotland)

"The most tenacious league in Scotland. One of the first 5, never been the biggest, or the most competitive, but they’ve survived through thick and thin. Supporting each other over 10 years "

Nominee: Golden City Rollers (Johannesburg, South Africa)

"Hard working and committed league at the forefront of South African Roller Derby. Undefeated South African champions."

Nominee: Granite City Brawlers (Aberdeen, Scotland)

"Granite City Brawlers have worked exceptionally hard over the last 18 months to bring high level teams and tournaments to Scotland. With an initial goal of MRDA membership, the league invested a huge amount of time and finance in hosting a tournament designed to help more European leagues achieve games compliance and therefore be eligible for the 2019 MRDA European Qualifiers and hopefully the 2019 MRDA Champs. With no other bids received for MEQ, and less than 12 months following Silver City Cup, Brawlers agreed to host MEQ with MRDA. This event saw Kamiquadz take the top spot and receive their invite for the 2019 MRDA Championships and absolutely smash it representing European roller derby at the championships in Denver. Hosting and coordinating such large events with their existing members is testament to their commitment to the sport and the roller derby community. The league also continue to support and contribute to the Scottish national squad in an effort to develop roller derby at the highest level and provide opportunities for officiating in different environments. [] Have done [this] at a phenomenal level, incredibly professionally, whilst also working closely with charities around Aberdeen."

Nominee: Lothian Roller Derby (Midlothian, Scotland)

"Exceptionally friendly league who support everyone around them, no matter if they are a member or not. They also run open scrims and best of all, a ref school!"

Nominee: MadRiders (Madrid, Spain)

"Reciente entrada en MRDA Recently became MRDA members."

Nominee: The Anguanas (Vicenza, Italy)

"They are the strongest Italian team at this moment. They have numbers, they have structure, they have a great coach and a strong will to win, each one of them. They host lots of events, be they tournaments, bouts or bootcamps, and I think potentially every member of the Italian derby community really benefit from having this kind of league close by. They also set a goal for us smaller team to look for. "

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