The First SRDB Awards - NonRegulation Tournament

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This is the nominations list for the first ever SRDB Awards, in the category of Non-Regulation Tournament. This category covers the very many tournaments which do not use WFTDA Regulation play - Roller Derby Sevens, Sur5al, Short Track, and other rules variants.

The ground-rules for the Awards are covered in the launch post here .

The hub for all links to categories is here .

As mentioned in that link, voting is by approval voting. This means that you can, and should, tick boxes for all of the nominees you think would deserve to win. You can tick all the boxes, if you think they're all deserving; you can tick no boxes if you think none are deserving.

Everyone gets a single submission (with as many boxes ticked as they want); we have enabled detection of multiple submissions on this form, and will also be taking action against unusual voting patterns which get past this.


Nominee: Krustfest 2019 (Scottish Charity OTA Roller Derby Sevens)


"A well needed mini tournament in Scotland that raises money for fantastic causes. Fun, free flowing, charming and enjoyable. All the things derby SHOULD be.

Shame they named it after a cheeky wee s***e but never mind. [] A great representation of the spirit of Scottish roller derby with celebration of life and overcoming adversity at its core. A wonderful tournament. [] It crosses all the derby divides and raises loads of cash to help fuck up cancer "

Nominee: ProstSkate 2019 (Teesside Roller Derby Charity OTA Roller Derby Sevens)


"It was a fantastic event, the hosts did an incredible job of putting it together and raising an amazing amount of money to help fight prostate cancer. I benched my team at the event and we were really impressed with the amount of work that had gone into organising it. "

Nominee: 7 Hearts Tournament (Hard Breaking Dolls / Central and Eastern European Roller Derby Sevens)


"It was a great one day tournament. Nicely put together, organisation was top notch and everyone was having so much fun. Definitely a great derby event!"

You can vote for your preferred winners out of the nominees here: [LINK]