The First SRDB Awards - Referee

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This is the nominations list for the first ever SRDB Awards, in the category of Referee.

The ground-rules for the Awards are covered in the launch post here .

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As mentioned in that link, voting is by approval voting. This means that you can, and should, tick boxes for all of the nominees you think would deserve to win. You can tick all the boxes, if you think they're all deserving; you can tick no boxes if you think none are deserving.

Everyone gets a single submission (with as many boxes ticked as they want); we have enabled detection of multiple submissions on this form, and will also be taking action against unusual voting patterns which get past this.

Nominees for REFEREE

Nominee: Aly Lou Yeah (Lothian Roller Derby)

"In addition to being one of the most calming and supportive referees to work with, they also run the LRD ref school, teaching others the much needed role of referee! They're supportive and caring and all about helping people progress and team work."

Nominee: Batmags (retired)

"Fantastic referee who takes amazing care of her crew and NSOs and has the superpower not keeping everyone calm and focused. It's a real pleasure to work with them every time!"

Nominee: Candy Moho (Glasgow Roller Derby)

"For all of the behind the scenes work that Candy does, whether in UKRDA or within the Scottish Derby Community, scheduling work, helping staffing games and just being such a helpful source of information and lovely person."

Nominee: Dinoosawruss (Hereford Poison Berries)

"Dinoo is a junior referee, his commitment to the sport is outstanding. Dinoo is pre-mins coach and Head Referee for the junior roller derby team, Hereford Poison Berries. He attends their weekly training to support the coaching team and keep up his own skills. He commits a lot of his free time to travelling the country to ref games."

Nominee: Nicola's Rage (Banshees Udine)

"Beside being an awesome ref, he is extremely gentle (and sarcastic at the same time), omnipresent, always trying to help people out and is known to answer tricky questions about the Rules at every hour (I've seen it with my own eyes). "

Nominee: Shuggs Bunny (Dundee Roller Derby / Power of Scotland)

"#WheresShuggs - everywhere Continually focusing on the development of officials all across Scotland, working on mini-boot camps (DRD's Hang and Chats) with the focus of extending the knowledge to other leagues and newer officials. Always supporting folk to try their hand at officiating and giving a safe space to do so. Has stepped up to represent the Scottish scene at every level and flourished, [due to] his constant drive to improve his own reffing within training (on track and off)."

Nominee: Skabarella (Manchester Roller Derby)

"One of the most consistent officials to ever come out of the UK. Ska is an absolute dream to work alongside and their presence alone makes skaters feel more confident before stepping on track."

Nominee: Skiritai (OH Roller Derby, Korea)

"He is our lone referee, doing the work of many, and always putting his whole heart into the sport and our team. He is at every practice he can be, even with his crazy military work schedule, and always takes the time to explain/show things at practice to help everyone be better."

Nominee: Sparks Mae Fly

"Even though he had a break this year, Sparks managed to CHR or THR a number of UK and European tournaments, bringing his knowledge and a ton of fun to tracks everywhere. I have found him to be the most kind, knowledgeable, thoughtful and supportive referee who has helped me every time and in every way he can."

You can vote for your preferred winners out of the nominees here: [LINK]