The First SRDB Awards - RisingStar

The SRDB Award Logo: the Scottish Roller Derby Blog Logo (concentric circles, outer circle containing words "Scottish Roller Derby" all-capitals, separated by five-pointed stars, and an inner ring of stars just outside the boundary of the inner circle; inner circle containing a modification of the "lion of scotland", a heraldic lion, facing right, rampant, with a jammer cover on its head), but with a gold/bronze colour scheme applied.

This is the nominations list for the first ever SRDB Awards, in the category of Rising Star. This category is for exceptional Juniors, or young adults, who are doing great things.

The ground-rules for the Awards are covered in the launch post here .

The hub for all links to categories is here .

As mentioned in that link, voting is by approval voting. This means that you can, and should, tick boxes for all of the nominees you think would deserve to win. You can tick all the boxes, if you think they're all deserving; you can tick no boxes if you think none are deserving.

Everyone gets a single submission (with as many boxes ticked as they want); we have enabled detection of multiple submissions on this form, and will also be taking action against unusual voting patterns which get past this.

[Rising Star note: Due to irregularities in the nominations for this category, we're including an additional restriction on votes here. To be eligible, a submission must vote for at least two nominees. Votes for a single nominee will be counted as a vote for no-one. We'd also remind all voters that a vote is not contest as to how many people know you.]

Nominees for RISING STAR

Nominee: Ace of Sk8s (Manik Khadiya) [Rollerstop Juniors Team]

"Comes to training every week, gives 100% every week. Also made Team GB and follows instructions. Very hardworking."

Nominee: Lady MacBeth / Beth PS (Beth Parry-Standbridge) [Rainy City Roller Derby, ex Hereford Poison Berries]

"Beth began her Roller Derby career with Hereford Poison Berries over 6 years ago. She captained the Team at their first game in 2015 and later went on to captain Team GB Juniors at the JRDA World Cup 2018 in Philadelphia. After turning 18 and moving on from Hereford Juniors to the senior team- Hereford HorrorBulls, Beth quickly became one of the stars of the team (inspiring the chant 'Be More Beth' which was frequently heard at British Champs games last season!) However Beth did not forget her junior family and she joined the coaching team at The Berries where she was renowned as a strong, encouraging and inspiring role model to all of the young skaters.

As well as her skating Beth has also taken time out to work at Camp America and to volunteer for Raleigh International in Nepal. Anyone who knows Beth will tell you that she gives her time and efforts selflessly and without complaint- nothing is ever too much bother for Beth and she always has a kind word to say and a smile on her face.

Sadly Beth had to leave her Hereford teams to move north to Manchester for University in September. Never one to let the grass grow under her feet- Beth immediately landed herself a spot on Rainy City Roller Derby’s B Team - where her friends and ex team mates are sure she will continue to shine brightly and bring joy to those around her. "

Nominee: Cal-Amity [Rollerstop Juniors, ex Fierce Valley Roller Cubs]

"Callie has been working hard towards the try outs for Team GB, weekly training with the Rollerstop teams as well as bootcamps in England for Juniors and guest skating for the Lincolnshire Bombinos (winning awards at both games she has played) MVP in the game against Newcastle and Best Blocker for the Bombinos against the Herefordshire Poison Berries. She's shown a serious commitment to training for Team GB and making friendships with juniors and building relationships with teams down South which hopefully will benefit all the Junior teams in Scotland with regards to future games. She shows leadership in her own team, actively passing on advice and things she has learned to her teammates. She has also been featured in the Scottish Roller Derby blog as a joint interview with myself (her sister) on their views on Jnr derby, what they hope for the future and their own ambition. Currently Team GB has not made their team known, 2nd round of try outs are on the 30th Nov, I do not know of the team announcement will be out before nominations close, but I feel that after 5 years fully committed to junior roller derby in Scotland, going through the folding of the FVRC and still sticking with it, she deserves a nomination." Note: Cal-Amity did make the Team GB Roster after this nomination was made.

Nominee: Madison Thomas (Deady Bear) [Lincolnshire Bombinos]

"At only 16 she is now training with the adult team as well as with the juniors. She has so much fight and determination and will always take the star, and annoyingly right now has out grown the juniors but can't play in adult games for another 2 years. The Lincolnshire Bombinos are proud of her and now the Lincolnshire Bombers get to see how awesome she is too. I nominate her as she deserves recognition for still putting 100% in knowing she can't play an adult game yet. But watch out for when she does! Always tries never givers up and trains with adults to push her skills further."

Nominee: red rOWEch (Owen Squires) [Newcastle Junior Roller Derby (Australia)]

"Red is a dedicated and highly motivated junior jammer for Newcastle Junior Roller Derby Australia. He has represented his state and his country to the highest of standards. Red helps to develop fresh juniors in his own league and others when out and about travelling for games. Red is a skater to follow as im sure his journey is only beginning."

You can vote for your preferred winners out of the nominees here: [LINK]