The First SRDB Awards - Skater

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This is the nominations list for the first ever SRDB Awards, in the category of Skater.

The ground-rules for the Awards are covered in the launch post here .

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As mentioned in that link, voting is by approval voting. This means that you can, and should, tick boxes for all of the nominees you think would deserve to win. You can tick all the boxes, if you think they're all deserving; you can tick no boxes if you think none are deserving.

Everyone gets a single submission (with as many boxes ticked as they want); we have enabled detection of multiple submissions on this form, and will also be taking action against unusual voting patterns which get past this.

Nominees for SKATER

Nominee: Bicepsual (Victorian Roller Derby League)

"Best Blocker"

Nominee: Dita Von Cheese (Bairn City Rollers)

"Always willing to help teach and pass on skills during training sessions and can always answer any questions! Thanks Patsy for making me feel so welcome ūüėĀ "

Nominee: Elo C Raptor (Harpies Roller Derby Milano)

"She IS the Italian Roller Derby skater. Amazing team leader, awesome skater, kind and fierce, one of the best human beings I've ever met, she basically started Derby in Italy, endlessly roaming the peninsula to teach almost every newborn team. Oh, and her whips are the dream of an entire community u.u "

Nominee: Harm (Lothian Roller Derby)

"She not only skates like a boss but she also helps anyone else on track with great coaching, a positive attitude and a huge smile. Always pleased to see her on track."

Nominee: Jambi (Victorian Roller Derby League)

"Jambi - documented her injury and recovery, and struggle, and heroism in all, and tears, and going with her team to the champs and warming up with them, and her involvement and happiness in those games. she is an incredible skater and incredible human. "

Nominee: Jay Kollegger (Dust City Rollers)

"Jay è una fonte di ispirazione per tutte, affronta le difficoltà con determinazione e dà tutto quello che puo' al mondo del roller derby e alla sua squadra. Penso sia una persona eccezionale e che vada premiata perchè è un esempio positivo per tutte di sportività e attitudine alla vita. Jay is a source of inspiration for everyone, faces difficulty with determination, and gives everything they can to the world of Roller Derby and their team. I think they are an exceptional person, and they should be rewarded for being a positive example for all sportspersonship and attitude to life."

Nominee: Jules (Sailor City Rollers)

"In their first WFTDA Tournament got MVP, gold medal and was the scoring lead of tournament. "

Nominee: Uma Thumpin (Lily Gaskell) (Rainy City Roller Derby)

"A breath of fresh air in the derby community. Likeable, genuine and determined while also being RIDICULOUSLY talented. Deserves to have their skills showcased on the world stage."

Nominee: MoonSun (Bogot√° Bone Breakers / Team Colombia)

"Ella es una jugadora increíble actualmente fue la primera persona apoyada en el país por marcas internacionales, ha trabajado en pro a subir el nivel en el país, capitana de Bogotá bone breakersy jugadora se la selección, a dictado bootcamps en varios países de Latinoamérica y es una figura importante en su país y Latinoamérica She is an incredible player, the first person in Colombia sponsored by international brands, has worked towards raising the level of derby in the country, captain of Bogotá Bone Breakers and the National Team, has coached bootcamps in multiple Latin American countries, and is an important figure in both Colombia and Latin America as a whole."

Nominee: Optimus Grime (New Wheeled Order / Power of Scotland)

"Representing Scotland on an international level not only elevating the level of skating in his own teams but actively contributing to developing the sport worldwide. MVP blocker and MVP jammer at previous World Cups, arguably one of the most versatile and skilled derby players in Scotland or the world even and always ready to give his time and energy to the growth and support of others."

Nominee: Trackcident / Astron'Amy (Dundee Roller Derby)

"Amy is an amazing skater, have you seen her apex jumps?!?!?! But [she] also is very generous with her time, coaching others and explaining things really clearly while also giving skaters some much needed positive feedback. [She's shown] amazing skills progression and commitment to playing at every available opportunity."

You can vote for your preferred winners out of the nominees here: [LINK]