Team Germany - Roller Derby World Cup 2011

Team Germany (or "Roller Derby Germany" as their logo and website has it) are potentially the most dangerous team in the World Cup, other than the USA and the host nation. They are the only seeded team from Europe, and Germany is one of the longest standing centres of Roller Derby outside of North America.
Team Roster
BamBule #66 BCRD Berlin Call of Booty #3 RPRG Essen
Chibi Abuser #00 SVRG Stuttgart
Ellie Minate #8 SVRG Stuttgart Heavy Miss Gale #0 Harbor Girls Hamburg
Heavy Rotation #505 (Co-captain) BCRD Berlin
Kiddo #10 BCRD Berlin
Kitty Carrera #4 SVRG Stuttgart
Mercedes #0049 Philly Roller Girls USA
Noxious Angel #17 (Assistant Co-captain) SVRG Stuttgart
Polly Purgatory #13 SVRG Stuttgart
Psycho Annie #67 RPRG Essen
Public Enemy #1 SVRG Stuttgart
Resident Shevil #28 BCRD Berlin
Silicon Sally #85D SVRG Stuttgart
Snowblood #101 SVRG Stuttgart
Spacy Tracy #35 BCRD Ludwigsburg
Sweet Gwenrolline #9 RPRG Essen
Titty-Twista #81 (Captain, Head Coach)  SVRG Stuttgart
Vegas #80 SVRG Stuttgart


ChefXecutioner RPRG Essen Rockdog BCRD Ludwigsburg

The only possible weakness that the German team has is their lack of ability to train as a complete team. Mercedes, being based in Philadelphia, will only be training with the others when they arrive in Toronto. Of course, the rest of the team has practiced together, but not bouted publicly, since the selection; with the majority of the skaters from Stuttgart Valley Roller Girls, however, we can assume that they will work together even more coherently than this suggests.
They are keen to show that European Derby is a force to be reckoned with, and will not be pulling any punches, in the preliminary pool (where they are drawn against Australia, one of the unknowns, and Finland, who they should probably beat) nor in the elimination tournament itself.