Big O Tournament Timing and Links

As always when trying to watch international derby hosted in another country, time zone conversion gets in the way.

The Scottish Roller Derby Blog is here to help you out!

Below is a table for the correct times (and links for streams and FlatTrackStats predictionslinks to Blaze Streaming Media's YouTube Archive) for all Auld Reekie and Kokeshi Roller Dolls bouts in both UK and Japanese time zones.

I've also included a few of the interesting Division 1 bouts on each day as well (but for the full schedule, see the Big O website itself).

I have tried, for Kokeshi, to provide some Japanese transcriptions of team names in bad Katakana, just for accessibility's sake.

- General Info at

The Big O Live Scores Page

Flat Track Stats Tournament Link

Auld Reekie Roller Girls are also hosting Viewings of the ARRGvTuscon and ARRGvEmerald bouts on Saturday and Sunday, starting 90min before each bout begins, at the Safari Lounge (downstairs) in Edinburgh.

Time (Host) Time (UK) Time (Japan) Track Event Archive Link FTS Prediction
Day 1 ("Friday")
2pm Fri 10pm Fri 6am Sat 6時 土曜日 2 Kokeshi v Humbolt こけし 対 ヘムボルツ YouTube FTS Pred
4pm Fri 12am Fri/Sat 8am Sat 8時 土曜日 2 ARRG v Arizona YouTube FTS Pred
8pm Fri 4am Sat 12pm Sat 12時 土曜日 1 Texas v Oly YouTube FTS Pred
Day 2 ("Saturday")
9am Sat 5pm Sat 1am Sun 1時 日曜日 1 ARRG v Tucson YouTube FTS Pred
7pm Sat 3am Sun 11am Sun 11時 日曜日 2 Kokeshi v Arizona こけし 対 アリゾナ YouTube FTS Pred
7.30pm Sat 3.30am Sun 11.30am Sun 11時30分 日曜日 3 ARRG v Sac City YouTube FTS Pred
Day 3 ("Sunday")
11am Sun 7pm Sun 3am Mon 3時 月曜日 1 Texas v Philly YouTube FTS Pred
1pm Sun 9pm Sun 5am Mon 5時 月曜日 1 ARRG v Emerald YouTube FTS Pred
1pm Sun 9pm Sun 5am Mon 5時 月曜日 2 Kokeshi v Pikes Peak こけし 対 ピケスピイク YouTube FTS Pred
5pm Sun 1am Mon 9am Mon 9時 月曜日 1 Philly v Oly YouTube FTS Pred
7pm Sun 3am Mon 11am Mon 11時 月曜日 1 "MVPs" v Team USA YouTube N/A