Capital City crowdfund to help put on their first bout

As we all know putting on a bout can be a very costly venture for any league especially when it comes to your first. So when Capital City announced last month that they would be hosting their first home bout they were a little nervous. Being a relatively small league (around 14 members), they know only too well how difficult it can be bringing in enough money to cover costs. So they have come up with a novel way to help raise the funds they need to put on their double header bout.

In a first for Scottish roller derby, they are looking to crowdfund for their bout to help raise money ahead of the big day. The aim is to raise money to help cover the majority of costs that need to be paid ahead of the bout, which breakdown as:

  • Meadowbank Hall Hire: £930
  • Public Liability Insurance: £200
  • Emergency Medical Technicians: £100
  • Track Rope and Tape: £100
  • Programme Printing: £50
Over on their crowdfunding page they allow you to pre order items such as bout tickets and merch (t-shirts/caps/tote bags) along with some more special one off items, such as picking a song on the bout day playlist, blowing the first whistle for the game, getting your very own Capital City Uniform and much more. They have even auctioned off their skate out song which was snapped up only minutes after their campaign went live.

Purchasing items help items Capital City put on their bout, but it will also save you money. As bout tickets and merch are cheaper for those who pre-order than they will be on the day as a thank you to those helping them. You will have to be quick as you can only purchase items until the 1st of November when their crowdfunding campaign ends.

If you want to pre-order your tickets or are feeling a little flush with cash and want to buy some other things then head over to their crowdfunding page at indiegogo via the link below to find out details of all the things on offer:

To find out more about their crowdfunding campaign watch the video below from Capital city