Glasgow Roller Derby battle Dundee Roller Girls - followed by battling the gender binary!

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On Saturday, 25th October Glasgow Roller Derby's Maiden Grrders take on Dundee Roller Girls' Silvery Tayzers!

The Maiden Grrders are very excited about this challenge, following their recent win against London's Batter C Power.  Several new Maidens made their debut appearance in that game, and are raring to make an impact on their second appearance.  Dundee will be travelling from the East Coast to the Arc, to fight it out on Glasgow's home turf.  Dundee will be keen to make a mark against the Maidens after their recent defeat by Fierce Valley, and with both teams fielding a wealth of skater experience, strategy and skills, anything could happen!


This will also be the first time that Dundee come up against several of their former team-mates, who have swapped their pink shirts for black due to relocation - adding another interesting twist to this game!  Glasgow's Maiden Grrders are currently ranked 39th in Europe, with Dundee's Silvery Tayzers ranked at 102nd (correct at time of writing).

Whatever happens on track, the after party is set to be a belter - Glasgow Roller Derby's fundraising committee are pulling it all out of the bag with a fantastic drag party.  Fun, games and gender bending will be the order of the evening, with drag accessories, singing and dancing all set to the theme of screwing the binary.  For more details, check out Glasgow Roller Derby's facebook page. (Due to circumstances outside GRD's control, this afterparty event has been postponed. The afterparty is now at the Solid Rock Cafe.)

Glasgow Roller Derby also offer a fantastic promo deal for other derby leagues - pay for 4 derby skaters from your team, and a 5th skater gets in free! (skaters must all be from the same league).

See you there!