Glasgow Roller Derby: Next Level Bootcamp & Guest Coaching Available

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Glasgow Roller Derby had an exciting year last year, and now we are looking to share our learning with other leagues! We have lots on offer, both for leagues and for individual skaters.

On Sat 21st March, we are hosting our ‘Next Level Bootcamp.  This is a fully co-ed bootcamp, which is aimed at two levels – people wishing to learn basic skills for passing minimums (stops/stride/laterals), and then people who have passed minimum skills and are aiming to become bout ready (agility, edge work, hockey stops etc).   The bootcamp is being offered at the super reasonable price of £25 on-skates, and £15 off-skates.  We will also have our very special Roller Grrls t-shirts available for sale which are unavailable for general purchase, as well as a range of other Grd merch.  You can book a place on the bootcamp here

We are also available to leagues who would like some guest coaching, and have developed a training menu which will cater for league at any level.

We have coaches available to cover sessions such as:-

  • all levels of skills

  • all levels of strategy

  • nutrition

  • off skates fitness

  • mental conditioning

  • league morale

  • team building

  • scrimmage/bout footage reviewing

If you would like to take advantage of this opportunity, please contact

We look forward to meeting you!