Fierce Valley Hope for Promotion at British Champs Tier 4 North Playoffs.

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This weekend sees the culmination of the British Championships season the Tier 4 divisions. The promotion and relegation structure of British Champs is a little complex, but essentially, several playoffs are being held, each offering promotion into the corresponding Tier 3 regional division for their two finalists.

The Tier 4 Northern Playoffs, offering promotion into Tier 3 North Division, see Forth Valley's Fierce Valley Roller Girls playing off against hosts Preston Roller Girls, Hallam Hellcats and Wolverhampton Honour Rollers for those top places, combining the top teams from Tier 4 North and Central North divisions.

We caught up with FVRG Team Captains Thump'her and Calamity Jen to hear their thoughts about the whole British Champs Tier 4 experience.


Firstly, when you signed up to British Champs, near the end of last year, what did you expect out of the series?

As a team we were hoping to gain more experience, try out new ideas from training and meet a group of great people, all of which we've done! Of course we also wanted to enjoy ourselves and progress as far as possible and we are hugely proud of the accomplishments the league have achieved this year, from topping the Division, to the hard work everyone (especially those behind the scenes) put in to make our British themed host games such a great success.

FVRG have performed very well in Tier 4, topping the T4 North tables quite convincingly. Can you tell us a bit about the journey that's gotten you to this point?

In the last year our coaches have put in a lot of work into developing the team and implementing new ideas, something all of the team have all been really enthusiastic about. We've pushed ourselves a lot and made good use of guest coaches and bootcamps to expand our knowledge and skills, something we hope to continue over the coming year.

How are you feeling, going into the Playoffs to fight for promotion to T3 North?

Excited! We are really looking forward to the challenge play-offs will bring as this will be our first time playing twice in one day. We are all very confident in each other and know we will do our best.

If you make promotion, you'll be joining Dundee in T3, alongside Sheffield Steel and Liverpool. How do you feel about matching these teams next year?

We are looking forward to the potential challenge and the development that will come with it! They are fantastic teams and if we get promoted it's going to force us to up our game again!

Flat Track Stats predicts Fierce Valley to come top of the playoffs, with a greater than 80%  chance to win against each of the other teams. They enter the playoffs as the top ranking, undefeated, team from the Tier 4 North.

The event page for the Playoffs is

And tickets can be acquired at although we believe they are selling very rapidly.

The event is all day at Preston's College, Preston.

Doors open at 9am on Saturday 21st November.