British Champs Tier 3 comes to Scotland

Following the round-robin hosting structure of the British Championships, while the Tier 3 North fixtures have spent the last few months in the North of England, this weekend sees the start of their extended visit to Scotland.

Tomorrow, 23rd April (doors 2:30pm), sees Fierce Valley Roller Girls hosting a British Champs double header at their usual Grangemouth venue; the hosts facing Dundee Roller Girls, while Manchester Roller Derby takes the trip to play Hallam Hellcats Roller Derby.

Hallam Hellcats are yet to play a game in this year's fixtures, so they will be hoping to set the tone by defeating middle-of-the-table Manchester. FlatTrackStats expects a strong win by Manchester (with a 2:1 or so score ratio), but Hallam have played no games at all this year, so their strength is potentially higher than FTS expects.

In the all-Scottish contest, Dundee will be looking to win over Fierce Valley, to consolidate their place near the top of the table. (After a loss against Manchester, who only reside in the middle of the table due to playing one game at present, Dundee need another win to keep their second-place ranking.) FlatTrackStats expects that this should not be an issue, with the northernmost team having a 81% success chance based on current stats.

The fixtures stay in Scotland for the next contest too, with Dundee hosting on the weekend of 21st May.