MRDWC: The SRD Interviews (ICYMI)

Posted: by aoanla [Source]

Now that the Men's Roller Derby World Cup in Calgary is over, and all the photo albums are slowly reaching completion, it's probably worth our while reminding you that we also did a few mini interviews at the event.

We've stuck them together in a playlist for you here:


Teams involved are: Netherlands, Argentina, Belgium, Japan, Mexico, Scotland and Wales. We're thankful to each of them for giving us the time to chat to them.

(The Talk Derby To Me podcast also caught up with skaters from Ireland, Canada and Japan, and you can catch their interview collation on the TDTM iTunes store here: (you want the MRDWC Interviews, but TDTM also caught up with several members of Power of Scotland before the Cup, and also did a postmortem in their most recent "regular" podcast, so there's hours of listening there...

If you like what you listened to, consider signing up to their Patreon here:

(And, for completeness, Nottingham Roller Derby also have a podcast, much newer than the above. The Good Arrows recently posted an interview with Power of Scotland's Skate Plissken and Owl, recorded before MRDWC, which you can get here: . Highlights include PoS and Granite City Brawlers' MoMo being tipped as "man to watch" in Men's Derby, and the continuation of the Zombie Cow theory of the PoS Logo.)