nonUS/Canada Derby Roundup: Nov 19,20 Edition

Coming to the end of the year, and the bouts keep on coming in Europe (and Latin America)! As always, bout information is drawn from Flat Track Stats, so if we're missing you, please get your information into FTS! (We can help with this, if you have issues.)

We also use SRD Rank (our own ranking scheme) to provide some result predictions (especially in places where FTS refuses to).


Starting in Scotland, there's only one home bout we know about:
  • Up in Aberdeen, the city's "Open" league, Granite City Brawlers, are hosting their first home bout, against newly formed Crash Test Brummies B team, the Beta-Test Brummies. We've a preview for this here. [FTS link] (As the Beta Brummies are debut, this is impossible to predict.)
  • Also, however, Scottish skater-owned-and-operated Skate and Derby store, 5th Blocker Skates, are having their 5th Birthday Bash in Glasgow, with a full day of various derby activities!


Over in the rest of the UK and Northern Ireland....
  • Belfast City Rockets are hosting Auld Reekie Roller Girls C, the ASTROs, in the latter's first international. We interviewed them about this here. [FTS link] (FTS calls this as a precisely 50:50 chance for each team to win!)
  • Way down south in London, London Rockin Rollers are hosting a double header, with LRR B taking on the Norfolk Brawds [FTS link], and LRR A facing Limerick [FTS link]. (FTS favours LRR A and the Brawds respectively, as does SRD Rank)
  • Birmingham's Central City Rollergirls are hosting their own A and B bout, with both teams taking on their opposite numbers in Paris Rollergirls.[FTS A, FTS B] (FTS and SRD Rank favour Paris A and Central City B, with the B bout expected close.)
  • Moving slowly north, Southend's Seaside Sirens are facing Rebellion Roller Derby in a closed bout (so no event page). [FTS link] (FTS and SRD Rank disagree here on the likely winner)
  • And, in a second closed bout, Eastbourne Roller Derby (Women) are taking on Surrey Roller Girls B [FTS link] (FTS thinks this is really close)
  • And, in Nottingham, there's a mighty triple headerwith Nottingham A facing Hallam Hellcats [FTS link], Nottingham B taking on Hull's Angels B [FTS link], and men's league the Super Smash Brollers facing Southern Discomfort B (Mild Discomfort) [FTS link] (FTS expects two close bouts for the women, with the edge for the hosts (SRD thinks they'll be slightly less close, but agrees on likely winners). FTS won't call the men's bout, SRD rank favours Mild Discomfort)


  • In France, the multi-tiered French Championships continue to power on, with bouts on both the 19th and 20th between Lorient, Anjou, Brest, Thonon, Lyon, Mâcon, Pontarlier, Clemont-Ferrand,La Roche sur Yon, Le Mans and Caen (across two different "zones" hosted by Lyon and Brest) .[event page (zone 4, Lyon) event page (zone 8, Brest)] [FTS tournament link]
  •  Also in France, however, Roller Derby Toulouse are hosting their own triple header, with Toulouse A taking on exhibition team the Unnamed Bitches [FTS link], Toulouse Men's Quad Guards facing similarly exhibition Unnamed Basterds [FTS link], and Toulouse B facing Namur Roller Girls [FTS link] (FTS and SRD Rank won't call the Unnamed bouts, as they're Exhibition. The B v Namur bout looks close, with FTS calling it for Namur.)
  • The German Bundesliga also continues, as Roller Derby Dresden host BearCity [FTS link] on Saturday,  and (apparently - no event page, but on Derby Position) Bear City host Stuttgart on the Sunday (FTS won't call these, due to ranking system restrictions - SRD Rank thinks that Bear City are likely winners.)
  • In Norway, there's an almost unheard of quadruple header, hosts Oslo facing Manchester's Rainy City B [FTS link] and Dublin B [FTS link] , Dublin and Rainy facing each other [FTS link], and, to round things off, Oslo B taking on Rainy C! [FTS link] (FTS thinks that Rainy B have the advantage in the triple, with Rainy C also looking likely to take their own bout. SRD Rank thinks that Oslo A will be stronger at home; but agrees on the B/C bout.)
  • In Sweden, Gothenburg Roller Derby are hosting fellow Gothenburgers Dock City Rollers B (against their own B team)[FTS link] and Copenhagen Roller Derby (against their A team)[FTS link] (Gothenburg A are likely to win, but Dock City B look like taking the win here (SRD Rank considers the B bout to be on a knife-edge).)
  • And, finally, in the Netherlands, Breda's Suck City Rock'n Roller Dolls are hosting Enschede's Roller Derby Twente.[FTS link] (FTS calls this for the visitors, and SRD Rank agrees.)

Latin America

  • And, in Argentina, Buenos Aires Roller Derby are hosting a triple header on Sunday, with BARD A playing Wonderclan (also of Buenos Aires) [FTS link] in a double header with BARD B against 2x4 Roller Derby's Las Pibas [FTS link] and BARD C facing Cosmicclan (Wonderclan B) [FTS link] (FTS won't predict these bouts. SRD Rank can't call the third bout, due to lack of connectivity; but predicts BARD A and 2x4 B (Las Pibas) to win their respective bouts.)

Late Additions

  • Also in Sweden, Örebro Roller Derby are hosting the first set of bouts in the Seriespel (Division 1) - with the hosts playing Uppsala, Stockholm B and Umeå over the weekend in four bouts. [FTS tournament page] (SRD Rank favours Stockholm B here - although Umeå also look strong.)