Granite City's Hawks flock to the ARRGmageddon

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In the run up to Auld Reekie Roller Girls' first B-level tournament, ARRGmageddon, the team travelling the furthest by far will be Aberdeen's Fight Hawks, Granite City Roller Derby's B team.

The Hawks have played two of their three competitors this year, with very similar losses against Auld Reekie's ASTROs (in Edinburgh) and Dundee's Bonnie Colliders (at home in Aberdeen). They finished off their year so far with a win against Mean City Roller Derby's women's team (also by a very similar ratio, but in their favour!).

We managed to catch new Fight Hawks Captain, Phanny, for a quick chat about their year, and ARRGmageddon.

So, how would you say the Fight Hawks year has been so far? Is there anything you'll be building on or focussing on as Captain?

That's quite a tough question! The Hawks have, we have had a good year - we've definitely come on leaps and bounds from where we started - we're a stronger team, and we work better together. I (just) think we're quite gelled, and we like to have fun, we like to have a nice time;  we're not all about win win win, but when we do, its nice. And then we do enjoy a... sometimes we come off a loss and we're feeling pretty happy as well, because we've done our best as a team.

Given your location, having to travel long distances together to get to bouts must help with the gelling?

Yeah... Bus time is an opportunity to maybe speak to people that you wouldn't normally speak to, and then on the way back, from any tournament or games, it's a Party Bus, so a chance to drink with your teammates on the way up the road (laughs).

ARRGmageddon will be the first tournament that the Hawks have played in, do you have any plans for how to approach it?

We've had discussions about who's going on when, what's the best way to work this, not tiring out players before you get to the hour long game. I think, definitely going in for fun for the short games, and then really focus on the hour long game as the "big one".

What's next for the Fight Hawks?

Christmas Party! [laughs] As a team, we'll have a short break over the Christmas period - we'll be back on it around Janurary, and I believe... we're into games again in February!

ARRGmageddon is this weekend - the 26th November - starting at 11am at Meadowbank Stadium. Tickets  £8 online, £10 (£6 concessions) on the door, free entry for under 14's, with a discounted rate for those just turning up for the final full-length bouts (from 4pm)