non-US/Canada Bouts update: 26-27 Nov edition

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This coming weekend is an exceptionally tournament-heavy one for Roller Derby in Europe, and Australia, although many of the remaining bouts are the last of the season for their competitors, as December approaches!

As always, bouts are drawn mostly from Flat Track Stats' upcoming bouts records, and we attempt some prediction using both FTS and our own SRD Rank (for when FTS can't rank teams, often with Men's or non-US/European games).


  • In Scotland, the big event is Auld Reekie Roller Girls' ARRGmageddon Scottish Tournament, featuring ARRG C (the ASTROs), against Dundee B (Bonnie Colliders), Granite City B (Fight Hawks) and Lothian Derby Dolls. You can read about each teams' captains' feelings here: ARRG, Dundee, Granite City, Lothian. [FTS tournament page]. (The favourites here are probably Dundee's Bonnie Colliders, as the only undefeated team attending. The ASTROs could still pull out a win, with home team advantage.)


  • For those following international roller derby, Cardiff is the place to be, as Team Wales Roller Derby host The Road to TBC - an invitational pitting the hosts against the national teams of Spain, France, Scotland, Ireland, Sweden, West Indies and Belgium in a group-stage then single-elimination tournament. We've written something about the likely results here. [FTS tournament page] (This is hard to rank with FTS - the best thing we can do is the analysis linked above :) )
  • For those interested in a lower-key affair, Rainy City B are hosting  Sunderland Roller Derby down in Oldham, in the B-team's last bout of the season. [FTS] (SRD Rank calls this for the hosts, as does FTS - although with a higher chance of the visitors winning)
  • And in York, the York Minxters are holding their first ever Coed scrim (closed to public, open to skaters to join in) Interested skaters can get tickets here.


  • Over in France, the French National Championships continue with division 1 bouts in  Toulouse, with the hosts B-team, Nantes B, Roller Derby Panthers, Orcet, Rennes and Montpellier competing. [FTS tournament page] (SRD Rank and FTS favour the hosts here, although the field is pretty close below them.)
  • Zurich Rollergirls are taking on Paris's Lutece Destroyeuses in a closed bout on Sunday [FTS] (FTS predicts a close-run thing, with the advantage to the hosts)
  • Vienna Roller Derby are ending their season with a double header - the A team taking on Lille's Switchblades [FTS], and the B's facing Regensburg's Rat Pack [FTS].
  • Trondheim's Nidaros Roller Derby B are hosting Helsinki's C team [FTS]. (SRD Rank calls this as really close, with only hosts-advantage making Nidaros more likely to win. FTS is more bullish about a Nidaros win.)
  • The extremely popular Roller Derby Iceland are hosting the Maniac Monsters of Mainz [FTS] (FTS and SRD Rank hold that the hosts have a distinct advantage here)
  • Rotterdam Roller Derby are hosting a double header, with Rotterdam B (the Killer Bees) v Antwerp's One Love Roller Derby B team (New Generation) [FTS], and Rotterdam Men's (the Classy Cockroaches) v Lorraine's Graouwheels [FTS] (SRD Rank and FTS think the B bout will go to the visitors ; FTS is unable to call the Men's game due to its excessive restrictions on rankings, SRD Rank predicts a likely home win)


  • In Australia, it's the Australian Men's National Championships this weekend, hosted in Adelaide, as Victorian Vanguard, Tasmania's Bass Strait Brawlers, Perth Men's Derby, Sydney City SMASH Brothers, Capital Carnage of Canberra , The Scartel of Brisbane, Steel Chaos Whalers and hosts Light City Derby Sabres compete over two days.[FTS tournament page] (SRD Rank gives the likely win to Sydney, with Victoria and Brisbane next in line. FTS declines to comment, as it doesn't have many options for ranking Men's teams outside MRDA sanctioned bouts.)

Late Addition: Latin America

  • We've also discovered the Torneo Solo de la Manija, hosted by MDQueens in Argentina. It's not in FTS at the moment, and we'll update this entry when we get it sorted out.