nonUSA/Canada roundup:10/11 Dec edition

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This week our roundup of the weekend's Roller Derby in Europe, Latin America, Australia and the Pacific is slowly showing signs of even the most enthusiastic leagues thinking about their winter off-season, with definitely less total events than in previous weeks

That said, in some places, those events are rather large...

As always, most of our information on bouts is taken from Flat Track Stats, although for games it can't predict results for, we use our own SRD Rank (now at 1 December ).


  • As far as we know, the only public bout in Scotland is the special Charity Bout for Re:ACT Scotland, featuring skaters from across the country, and including a junior derby bout via Fierce Valley Roller Cubs. (Not on FTS as exhibition) We've written a bit about this here.
  • However, Dundee Roller Girls are hosting a festive edition of their usual open scrims on Friday. We mention this one because it's also fundraising for Dundee's upcoming international tournament in Tenerife!


  • Manchester Roller Derby are one of the few leagues hosting a double header this weekend, with the Chaos Engine taking on Wirral's Pack Animals [FTS] and the Furies facing Leicester [FTS] on Sunday. (FTS and SRD Rank call the women's bout for the visitors, and Chaos Engine can't be rated by either of us)
  • In fact, the people of Manchester are also involved in another bout, as Knights of Oldham are set to host Chaos Engine themselves, just the day before! [FTS] (FTS is unable to predict non-MRDA men's games... and sadly Chaos Engine don't have recent enough bouts on record for SRD Rank to rate them either.)


As we mentioned "big events", most of them are here...
  • Our ongoing feature of these events, in France, the Nationale Championship continues this weekend, with Nantes, Toulouse, Caen, Lille, Paris, Amiens, Mérignac all competing in the "Elite" tier. [FTS tournament link], hosted by SAM Roller Derby of Mérignac.
  • In Eindhoven, Netherlands, the Netherlands National Championships are also happening, with hosts Rockcity Rollers taking on Amsterdam, Dom City Dolls, Suck City Rock'nRollers, Arnhem, Rotterdam and The Hague's Parliament of Pain. [FTS tournament link]. There's also to be a Junior Derby demo from Rockcity and Copenhagen's junior leagues! (FTS and SRD Rank call Amsterdam as likely winners, with hosts Rockcity, Rotterdam, and Dom City in the mix for 2nd and 3rd)
  • Further north, Finland's Suomi Cup Finals are also taking place this weekend, with Tampere hosting Kallio, Dirty River, Helsinki, Kouvola and Joensuu in this two day event.[FTS tournament link] (Unsurprisingly, given their international status, we think Kallio and Helsinki will be closely vying for 1st place. The hosts are likely to take 3rd.)
  • And in nearby Sweden, the Seriespel tournament continues, with Ume Radical Rollers hosting Karlstad, Uppsala and Västerås for two bouts. [FTS tournament link] (FTS and SRD Rank agree that Ume and Västerås are the likely winners)
  • Stuttgart Valley Rollergirlz are not to be left out, as their triple header also falls this Saturday: South German Men's Roller Derby facing Rock'Est + friends ; Barockcity taking on Zurich [FTS], and the hosts Stuttgart B playing Zombie Rollergirls Münster [FTS]. (FTS and SRD Rank agree that Zurich are v likely winners of the first women's bout, and the second will be a very tight game, with the hosts probably pulling out the win)
  • And, finally, Gent Go-Go Roller Girls B (the Cubs) are hosting Lille's Switchblade Roller Grrrls [FTS] (FTS and SRD Rank believe Lille have the advantage.)

Latin America

  • Finally, over in Córdoba, Argentina, yet another big Argentinean tournament is happening - this one over the Thursday to the Sunday. Cordobazo 2016 will feature a Women's tier (2x4 B (Las Pibas), Wonderclan, B.A.R.D, Volcánicas, Dirty Fucking Dolls, Lado Oscuro, Hiedras of Córdoba and the Brutal Lips of Córdoba) and a Men's tier (Wonderclan Men's, Contragolpe of Mendoza, ThunderQuads, Survival Crew of Córdoba, Rayo Naranja of Tucumán and Jimmy Rustlers of Buenos Aires ). [FTS tournament link] (Some of these teams are new to FTS [we're working on integrating their history].  With what we have, we think B.A.R.D, Las Pibas and las Volcánicas will fight it out for 1st place Women's. The Men's is hard to call, due to more of their teams being new to FTS.)

Late additions

  • Stockholm Roller Derby are sneaking in a bout on Friday (9th), as they play their traditional "Stockholm v Stockholm" year ending bout.
  • Brighton Rockers also have a similar bout on Saturday, with Brighton v Brighton to end their season.