Dundee's International Début!

Ahead of Tenerife Roller Derby's big Torneo Triangular later on this month (Read our interview with Crime City B's captain Darling Ripper here), we managed to catch up with Dundee Roller Girls co captains of The Silvery Tayzers, Liston (L) and Mayhem (M), to see how the league is preparing.

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So before we look forward to your tournament, we should talk about how the season has gone for you guys? You worked your way to Second place in the British Championship in T3 North, which sent you off to the play offs weekend in Newark! How was that for the team?

L: The team have been incredible all season. as always, living in a tiny uni city, we've had a big turnover of Tayzer skaters though the season but everyone takes it in their stride (lol pun), and we've welcomed some incredible new additions to our roster. Playoffs were surreal - we didn't expect to perform so well against Swansea and for a moment panicked we'd have to go to teir 2 haha.

M: This season has made us so proud of our team, they always go into a game with a positive attitude and a focus on performing to the best of our abilities. We went into playoffs with a view to keep our scoring differential to a minimum and just like every other game our team came together and smashed expectations!

We've covered a little bit about the Tenerife Tournament in our previous interview with Crime City, how did you guys get involved with that? This is the first international away game for you guys isn't it?

L: We'd been approached by Tenerife last year but at the time British Champs had wiped us all out and the league had no travel funds. So we kept in touch and organised a game for this year as far in advance as possible!

M: This was organised mainly through Milky (Liston #07) and Ellin (Seaton #102), keeping lines of communication with other leagues open. We're so excited to have been invited over, it's a great step forward for DRG as a league!

How are you guys as a league preparing for all of this then, it's not just the skaters that are going as your officials are working towards this tournament as well! How is everyone getting ready to skate in the blistering heat of “winter” in the Canaries going?

L: Our officials are always so busy, right until the end of the year. They've been all over lately - Cardiff, Helsinki, Newcastle. Obviously all good prep for the sun!

I think the Tayzers are prepping by bulk buying sunscreen.

M: We are a very lucky league to have so many dedicated officials - they work tirelessly to develop their own skills and bring them back to DRG, like Milks said they've been doing a great deal of travelling lately so they're probably better prepared then the team! Most other leagues are now going into their off-season but we've asked our skaters to keep up the focus and training for this upcoming tournament, it has extended our season quite a bit but we were happy to do it.

Do you all set yourselves personal goals or do you have a league goal with this tournament in mind?

L: We're going into this tournament with the same league and team goals as always - to do our best and have an awesome time. We've got a very short roster against some incredible teams, so this'll be amazing learning to take forward for the season ahead. 

M:  Yup our league wide goal is to enjoy every game as much as you can and perform to the best of our ability. If we can come out of a game having supported each other and gained new learning focuses we've always won!!

And just to round off, what are the plans for next year? I believe there are a few changes coming to DRG next season, possibly with a hint at more international teams?

L : We're hoping to graduate from WFTDA Apprentice status to full members next year, so hopefully we'll get a few more trips away to sunnier climates! Or colder. We're not picky...

M: Yes yes next season all focuses are on WFTDA, it'll be a great learning curve for our little league and we hope it will really help us develop. We're all buzzing for our leagues future and yes hopefully some more trips!

To fund raise for their travel Dundee Roller Girls are hosting a gofund me:  https://www.gofundme.com/drg-tenerife-tour, and along with donations towards their cause, DRG are offering their training experience to leagues, from jammers to blockers, officials, league maintenance and structure to game planning and everything in between! Anything you want help with: DRG are willing to come!

The Tenerife Triple Header will be on December 17th, from 14:00 (WET, which is the same as GMT) in Pancho Camurria Sports Centre, Santa Cruz, Tenerife. You can read more at the event page: Torneo Triangular!

Keep up to date on Dundee's travels by following their snapchat: wearethedrg