Lady Trample’s Ramp Camp @ Chicks in Bowls Scotland

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Anyone who has anything to do with Chicks in Bowls knows of Lady Trample. For any readers who don’t, she is the founding member of CiB. It was created in 2013 and now there are 253 chapters all over the world, including our bonnie Scotland [the pride].

I am lucky enough to be one of the managers of CiB Scotland, which I run with my LDD team mate and friend Sam Awry. When GMRD asked us if we would help organise the Ramp Camp part of WinTourope Scotland, it comes as no surprise that we jumped at the chance!

We were given some time to talk to Trample in the car on the way to Unit 23. It was great to be able to hear about the first time Trample went to a skate park with Cutthroat and how she was motivated to learning as many tricks as she could. Within no time, there were a group of skaters going to the park regularly. One thing we agreed on during that car ride, is that sometimes you need to be at the skate park practicing tricks to remind yourself why we all love skating, or when derby becomes intense: Because it's fun; Because it gets the adrenaline going; Because stepping out of the comfort zone can be empowering.

The beginner boot camp was first with skaters attending from near and far. Everyone was eager to learn from the professional. After a hello and welcome (and how she was so excited to be in Scotland) the session itself covered stance and balance when skating ramps, how to carve up and down bowls, how to turn, transition and drop-in. It was fantastic to see everyone pushing themselves and encouraging each other. The Trample herself was really friendly, warm and reassuring, holding hands and giving words of encouragement in tandem with her instruction and pointers.

The intermediate session that followed was aimed at skaters who have been rolling about in skate parks for years. All poised and ready for a challenge from Lady Trample, she did not disappoint! Stalls, grinds, seated drop-ins and massive craves were on the intermediate menu. It was great to see so many seasoned and awesome derby skaters playing about and having fun.

There was a real excitement about Lady Trample being at Unit 23 that night, and so many quad skaters being together, in custom made skates which involve a unique marrying of trainers and plates and different types of trucks, sharing their passion for ramps and tricks (not to mention the obligatory splinter or two) was great to be a part of. There was a lot of information swapping about Chapters, skate parks, wheels and experience.

On a personal note, for me, skate park skating improves my skills in order to be a better derby skater. Lady Trample coming to Scotland really embedded this for me as she is one of the best Jammers in the world as well as an awesome chick in a bowl! Trample and Ramp Camp has put skate park skating and CiB Scotland on the map. It proves quad skating is growing in all its beautiful forms and Scotland is right there embracing all it has to offer.

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