Non-US/Canadian Derby: 4/5 February Edition

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After our Special January Edition, it's time to start up the Weekly Derby Reviews for February.

As always, the primary source for bout information is Flat Track Stats, so do please make sure your bout is listed if you are concerned we have missed you. [We're happy to add or update FTS data for you.] We're also perfectly open to submissions of bouts directly to us, via our Facebook page (message or otherwise), or by email.

For prediction, we use Flat Track Stats, and, when FTS is not able to make a prediction, our own global SRD Rank. [This is especially the case for Latin America, and non-MRDA Men's bouts, which FTS declines to rank.]


As far as we know, there's no bouts scheduled in Scotland for this weekend.


In the UK, the schedule is dominated by British Champs, as the UK-wide tournament series gets into gear:
  • Starting with Saturday, British Champs Men's Tier 2 will be kicking off with a double-header hosted by Barrow Infernos, who are taking on Southern Discomfort B, Mild Discomfort; as well as Wirral Men's facing Suffolk Men's. [FTS Tournament] [EVENT] (FTS cannot rate non-MRDA Mens teams. SRD Rank prefers Barrow and Wirral respectively.)
  • And, on Sunday, the Tier 4 Women's North will be starting off, as Wakey Wheeled Cats host a double header - they against Durham City Rolling Angels, and the Grimsby Grim Reavers against Mansfield Misfits.[FTS Tournament] EVENT


In Europe, things are a little busier still...
  • ... partly thanks to the continuing behemoth of the French Nationale, with multiple tiers of the series continuing this weekend. On Saturday and Sunday, Lyon host the next phase of the 2nd division of the tournament (Zone 4), with La Bande à ta Mère, and Grrriottes Girrrls of Lyon, Les Bananas Clit of Macon, les Auverniaks of Clermont-Ferrand, les Taxider'Biches of Thonon les Bains, and les Molly Hatchets of Pontarlier competing [FTS Tournament][EVENT].
  • On Sunday, Roller Derby Lorient are hosting Zone 8 of the 2nd Division of the Nationale, featuring Brest's B.M.O Roller Derby Girls, Anjou's Douleur Angevine, Mans' Roller Derby 72s' Les Missfeet, the hosts' Morues, Roller Derby La Roche sur Yon's Les Passeuses Dâmes, and Caen's Pétroleuses.[FTS Tournament][EVENT]
  • Also in France, Paris B, Les Quedalles, are hosting Cambridge Rollerbillies ,Mérignac's SAM A (the All Blocks) in a triple header round-robin ("Midfight in Paris") [FTS 1, 2, 3][EVENT] (FTS and SRD Rank both call this for the hosts, overall.)
  • Roller Derby Metz Club is hosting a double header against Lutece, with both their A teams [FTS], and their B teams [FTS] facing off. [EVENT] (FTS favours Lutece for the A bout, and RDMC for the B bout.)
  • and finally, Lille Roller Girls are hosting a double header, with their A team taking on Switchblade [FTS] , and B team facing Strasbourg [FTS] [EVENT] (FTS and SRD Rank agree that the hosts should win the A team bout, with the B teams very close [FTS favours the hosts, while SRD the visitors]).
  • Over in Belgium, it's the first of many National Teams events of 2017, as teams hone their skills ready for the World Cup in 2018. This event is a bit different, as it sees Team Belgium v Team Scotland x2  - essentially splitting each teams' training roster into two teams of 15 for twice the action. [FTS 1, FTS 2][EVENT]
  • Tenerife Roller Derby are continuing their (necessarily) long distance bout hosting, with a rematch against Helsinki's Queen Bs. [EVENT]. In 2012, the Queen Bs won, but only by 31 points - 5 years later, a lot has changed, on both teams! [FTS] (FTS and SRD Rank strongly favour the visitors.)
  • Late addition: (this has no Facebook Event, and so was very hard to find, but..) GVA Roller Derby (Geneva) is hosting the first Lorrae Evans "bootcamp" on Sunday 5th. There's a signup sheet here:
  • Late addition: Loren Mutch has a bootcamp in Berlin this weekend, which is exceptionally hard to locate an event for. More when we can find it.


We're not currently aware of any bouts happening in the Pacific region this weekend. If you're hosting a bout in Australia, New Zealand, or the rest of the Pacific region, please let us know. (We know that Perth Roller Derby are holding a fresh meat night on the 2nd, but...)
  • In the absence of bouts, we should note that Victorian Roller Derby League have a bootcamp on the 5th [EVENT].

Latin America

Latin America is patchy for Flat Track Stats updates, so we have to scan a lot of Facebook pages to try to catch things. (Please, if you're a Latin American league, tell us about your schedule!)
  • On Friday, Buenos Aires Roller Derby (BARD) are hosting a double-header of "open" derby bouts - signup for both a B/C [Argentine league rating scale] level Women's bout and an A/B level Coed bout is open for skaters until Wednesday. [EVENT] (No FTS entry, as there's no official teams.)
  • In Mexico, on Sunday, Roller Derby Hidalgo's Black Mambas are playing their debut bout against Roller Derby Puebla's Lobas [EVENT] [FTS] (As one teams is debuting, this can't be predicted)

Non-bout Upcoming Events

We're also very aware that there's lots of other exciting things happening in Roller Derby which aren't bouts. We'd like to highlight some upcoming things here.

The last date in Scald Eagle and Lady Trample's Roller Derby and Ramps bootcamps is this weekend (4th/5th), in Nantes, France, also featuring Brawn Swanson. []

If you missed out, coming later this month, Lorrae Evans is following after her Victorian Roller Derby comrades by running bootcamps in

The Dock City and Sheffield Steel dates also feature Rose City Rollers' Loren Mutch!

(see the Europe section for GVA Roller Derby's semi-secret bootcamp with Lorrae Evans this weekend, and also for Berlin's semi-secret bootcamp with Loren Mutch...)