Non-US/Canadian Derby - 4th/5th March edition

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As is traditional, we're bringing you another roundup of the upcoming Roller Derby this weekend from across the world. As always, we're using Flat Track Stats for much of this information - for regions with less good coverage, we also do a bit of intensive searching.

Predictions of bouts are from FTS, if possible, and from our own SRD Rank where FTS cannot make predictions (for example: Latin America, or non-MRDA men's bouts).

If we've missed you from our roundup, please let us know!


As far as we know, there's no fixtures in Scotland this weekend.


As will be the case for the next few months, most of the bouts in the UK are part of British Champs, which we will start with:
  • the Tier 1 Men's continues with Tyne and Fear Roller Derby hosting New Wheeled Order for a single bout [FTS Tournament][EVENT] (FTS can't predict this, but SRDRank gives the hosts a slight advantage.) This event is topped by an open-subscription rookies/"fresh meat" bout for female skaters, for which signup is still open.
  • the Tier 2 South's next fixture is hosted by Kent Roller Girls, who play South West Angels of Terror, while Royal Windsor play Big Bucks [FTS Tournament][EVENT] (FTS expects Royal Windsor to win, and the hosts game to be hard to call.)
  • and on Sunday, the Tier 4 North continues with Grimsby's Grim Reavers hosting Durham Roller Derby, and also seeing Mansfield play Durham's other league, Rolling Angels [FTS Tournament][EVENT] (FTS expects the hosts' game to be close, but Mansfield to win in the other.)
Outside of Champs, we also have:
  • Brighton Rockers are hosting a double header with Vienna Roller Derby, with Brighton B against Vienna B [FTS], and A v A [FTS] [EVENT]. (FTS gives the advantage to the visitors)
  • Oxford Roller Derby are hosting a closed event against Rebellion, with the B teams [FTS] and A teams [FTS] both competing against each other. (No event page as closed)


In Europe, there's the usual mix of national championships and individual fixtures:
  • The French Nationale Division 1 rumbles on as Strasbourg's Hell's Ass Derby Girls host Marseilles, Grenoble's Cannibal Marmots, Lyon, Metz and Paris B for a weekend of bouts[FTS Tournament][EVENT]
  • also in France, Lille's Switchblade Roller Grrrls are hosting a triple header against Namur's leagues, with Men's teams Glorious Basterds against Barbiers de Sevices [FTS], Switchblade A v Namur A [FTS] and Namur B v Baronnes Von Schlass[FTS][EVENT] (These are all close games - the B game is a perfect 50:50 - by FTS)
  • and in Paris, on Sunday, Panam Squad host a triple header, with Boucherie de Paris playing Reims' Beastie Derby Girls [FTS], Paris Rollergirls C against Lille B [FTS] and Panam B themselves against the Zombeers of Calais [FTS][EVENT] (Lille and Reims have the advantage by FTS. We can't call the Men's game.)
  • and in Nîmes, the Bone Breakers are hosting Lausanne's Rolling Furies [FTS][EVENT] (FTS gives advantage to the hosts)
  • Outside France, on Saturday, Scandinavia is having a lot of derby, starting with Gothenburg Roller Derby hosting a triple header (all play all) with Brussels Derby Pixies and Turku's Dirty River Roller Derby [FTS 1, 2, 3][EVENT] (FTS gives the hosts the advantage)
  • and Malmö's Crime City Rollers are hosting their own triple header, as Crime City A play Stockholm A [FTS], Crime City B take on Dock City A, [FTS] and C take on Dock City B[FTS] [EVENT] (the hosts have the advantage in all 3 bouts, by FTS)
  • on Sunday, Copenhagen, CRD host a closed bout against Dock City [FTS] (no event because closed)
  • and in Norrköping, NRD B are playing Växjö [FTS][EVENT] (FTS considers the hosts very likely winners)
  • In Portugal, Lisboa Roller Derby are hosting Nice's Baywitch Project [FTS][EVENT] (FTS considers this close, but slightly to Lisbon)
  • and finally, in  Prague, Prague City Roller Derby are hosting Brest [FTS] [EVENT] (FTS considers this a perfect 50:50 call between the two)
Late additions for:
  • Royal Swedish Army who have a triple-header which wasn't on FTS when we checked this weekend. Royal Swedish A will be facing Stockholm B [FTS], Royal Sweden B taking on Jackdaw City of Uppsala [FTS], and the event will be capped by a home teams bout.[EVENT]


As far as we know, the Pacific Region is still in the recruitment and training phase of its current season. However...
  • Adelaides' Junior team, Lil' Adelaide, is across in the USA to play in the Oy Oy Oy Tournament Series, against a host of US Junior teams. This weekend's edition is hosted by Tampa Jr. [FTS Tournament][EVENT]

Latin America

Latin America's derby season is in full swing, by contrast.
  • In Colombia, The second event in Bogotá's 4th "district tournament" sees Legion Roller Quads host a triple header, with Combativas against Bogota Bone Breakers, and Fugitivas against Rock n Roller Queens in the women's division, and Rock n Roller Kings against Maquina del Mal in the men's [FTS Tournament][EVENT] (SRDRank gives the advantage to Combativas and Rock n Roller Queens - neither we nor FTS can rate the other bout)
  • and on Sunday, in Argentina, Buenos Aires' 2x4 Roller Derby's  Cowgirls from Hell are hosting B.A.R.D.s Mambas Negras [FTS] as part of an event to welcome Dublin Roller Derby's Chancleta and Mambas Negras Roller Derby's Manija to the country.[EVENT]

Other Events

Our semi-regular "other events" section highlights things further in the future you might want to keep an eye on.

Rainy City's own Missy Rascal is also holding an Artistic Skating session on

Slightly further in the future, Camp Nidaros is an exciting Co-ed Bootcamp and Officials Bootcamp hosted in Norway, and with an impressive set of coaches, V-Diva, Sexy Slaydie, Brazilian Nut, Varla Vendetta and, for the officials, Reverend Riot! And closer to the present day, Rule56 and Smarty Pants of Texas Rollergirls are collaborating on bringing derby coaching experiences into the 21st century, with their Coaching 101 Digital Pilot on Monday